's Weekly Study: July 3rd 2016



Starting with 2016, we will be posting a Weekly Study, courtesy of Yochanan Afek, Grandmaster for composing endgame studies. These challenging positions are designed to stimulate (and improve upon!) your creativity, depth of calculation, pattern recognition and pure imagination.

A. Gillberg, 2000



Presumably 5. Kd8 and 5. Kb8 also work?

caveatcanis schreef:

Presumably 5. Kd8 and 5. Kb8 also work?

No! After the black knight promotion (Nc1) is caged. Tablebase says that only Kc7 brings the white king to the rescue - which is not so hard to verify.


This study appeared in the 12/28/2000 issue of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, so it may not be a Nice study, but it's still nice.


Actually, the black knight promotion is the main line of the study. All white king moves - Kc7, Kd6, Kc5 and Kb4 - are forced which makes it a perfect solution line for