Endgame book suggestions for 1700 FIDE player


if I'm prepared complete Sicilian as black which book I should prefer?




sorry typo. Capablanca


I really like Silman's book


Silman's Complete Endgame Course


As I have worked a little with DEM, 3rd edition, there's something to add. If you follow the advice given in the preface by Stefan Kindermann starting with the ~225 big diagrams is the first walk through the book. These are the positions for a complete basic course. I have reached now about the half of it and written down all on cards. (I'm the old style. A database doesn't work for me as good as writing down by hand.)

Somewhere Aagaard tells this is all you need to become 2xxx. Maybe someone corrects me or adds the source.

As it was a cheap buy I stumbled in Rabinovich - The Russian Endgame Handbook and found it very instructive on the first 50 pages. I cannot judge it further, as I haven't read it completly.

One advice: Don't do as I do. Do as I say. Read ONE book from the cover to the back several times. I read several books through the pawn endings and stopped there. Rook endings alway punish me for this behavior.


Try Silman's endgame book and also Dvoretsky's endgame manual. These both books are great combos


Silman's book and "100 endgames you must know" are great books. Soltis' "100 Master Trade Secrets" also containts a great chapter on endgames.


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