If there anyone who wants to suggest me some really good books..

I know some of Dvoretskji but I'm sure about them..



Jeremy Silman's Endgame Book is really good.


Agreed! So is "100 Endgames you must know" by Villa


thanks guys


I could do with a good endgame theory book, right about um now.



is the book for you?

you looks like a good player.

Jeremy Silman's Endgame Book start from the very beginning and it's very good form me.. but i just started studying chess.

so it's a good book for me, i doesn't know if it could be a good one for you.


it start with basic opposition, opposition, k+q vs k etc., then it goes to difficult endgame, but i havent's studied difficult ones.

it split the chapter by elo rating insthead of type of endgame. teaching you what he think you need at this elo rating.


if you need some more advice... posso approfondire in ITALIANO please


What do you guy's think about Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Endings"?


good choice! I'm gonna see it ..thx


I think the last one is pretty good..!


I think Jeremy Silman's is the best first book to get on Endgames.

Pandolfini has one that is pretty good for beginners too.

When you are ready to advance Dvoretski is good, Secrets of Pawn Endings by Muller and Lamprecht is quite good and I am working my way through it now.  Also Secrets of Rook Endings by John Nunn.


Grandmaster Secrets:Endings by Andrew Soltis published by thinker's press.Soltis has written many readable chess books.  In his Endings book he focuses on what you really just need to know, what is likely to happen  rather than theoretical stuff you'll probably rarely if ever see.  It's written in the socratic method, a dialogue between a chess student and a master, with many clear purposeful diagrams and game examples, lots of cool illustrations and quotes too, very affordable also.  Also helpful is  On the Endgame by  C.J. S. Purdy also published by Thinker's Press.  I would read this book only after you read soltis book.  Anything by Purdy is really good though, thinker's press has published alot of his stuff dealing with all aspects of chess. good luck




WyoKid> Also Secrets of Rook Endings by John Nunn.

"Secrets of Rook Endings" is an encyclopedia/reference more than anything else--you could become super-gm strong without ever reading it. Now, if you're just an endgame aficionado, then by all means check it out. Smile

If you're really FIDE 2000 and focused on tournament results, De La Villa's 100 Endgame You Must Know would be a good fit. It's intended to take you up to FM-level. If you aspire to be a GM you might consider Dvoretsky (theory) & Shereshevsky (strategy).


thanks a lot :)


You can get trained in the ways of the endgame free, Download arena and nalimov 5 piece endgame tablebases, make arena use them set up the board and click infinte anylasis.


didn't know that either..:)


I know.. I have got it :)