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Endgame help

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    I really need some help with my endgame, anyone have any tips?

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    Could you be a little more specific? Maybe post a game where you felt your endgame could have been better?

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    I was just wondering if anyone had any general tips

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    Each type has different tips for it.  Pure pawn, knight, knight vs bishop, bishop, rook, queen, pawns on 1 side, pawns on both sides, then unbalanced e.g. two minors vs a rook, two rooks vs a queen, then unfavorable e.g. rook vs bishop, rook vs knight, queen vs rook and on and on.

    But general tips... hmm.  Passed pawns are dangerous, try to get them for yourself, and push them down the board.  Try to blockade your opponent's.  "The king is a fighting piece in the endgame" i.e. activate your king by bringing it into the center usually.  Umm... order of importance is queen, rook, king, minor pieces.  So let a bishop be a passive defender before a king.  Let a king relieve a rook stuck in passive defense.  Zugzwang is a very common tactic, especially when you have a superior position and you're trying to crack their defense.

    Can't think of much else.

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    ok, well that helps alot. Thanks!

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    Find at the library or on amazon.com the book, "Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual. Hands down best book I have seen on endgame study.

    Beyond that, another great book is written by Lev Alburt containing 300 vital positions that you can study as well.

    most of the time when I want to  practice endgames and tactics, I will take one of my losses or draws an play them through to see where i could have gone better as wel as an exercise that Maurice Ashley calls "Search and destoy" here you have somone set up pawns on the board and then you make one move one capture until all the pawns are removed. Start with the KNights then use the Bishops then the Rooks and finaly with the Queen. Work each one with 4 pawn on the board then 5 then 6 all the way to 8 the move on to the next piece.

    here is an example of playing the endings that was from a correspondance game a few months ago:

    NOTE: the diagram above is wht II am referring too. editor put it in the wrong place.

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    Start reading some endgame articles here, and watch some endgame videos. Pick up a used copy of a decent endgame primer and start reading it.



    I also have a bunch of blogs on very basic endgames starting with K+P vs K and going up to multiple K+P endgames, and a few blogs with instructive R+P endings. 


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