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endgame puzzle for beginners

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    Hey guys. This is puzzle is a mate in 3. Lots of ways to win this with a few more moves. For instance black can prolong mate but not without losing the rook. I just inserted the mate in 3 variation. 
    Wish I knew how to insert puzzles


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    That is stockfish on the position. What is your mate in three?

  • #3

    1. Qb3 Re1 2. Kd6 Ke8 3. Qg8# 

    This was in an endgame book I was reading. I realize that black can prolong it. I think this example is if black tries to keep his rook. 

  • #4

    I like it , it shows the importance of using mating threats to force ones opponent to make concessions.  Rook and Queen endgames can be crazy complicated.


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