Rook Endings with Various Pawn - Help


Its time for me to move ahead. Being around 1500 in standard rating, i want to study more of chess and improve myself. In this post can anyone help me in making me understand how to play endgames with various pawns ( in some case even with a rook and various pawns ) how can i find out the advantage in the position of endings with various pawn. I can not analyze whose position is better with the pawns, and who is heading towards win, or how can i turn it into a draw if i am in a bad position, or how can i turn it into a win if my position is better. I really cant understnad any of these. Please Help Me, I am ready spend my time for this, but i am not getting to know where can i study these.

Here is one example of my endgame which i lost after playing a dumb 36th move without thinking what is gonna happen next! 

 But basically i need help in studying and understanding these kind of endings. Friends Please Help ME.


Well, that was certainly a remarkable/memorable zugzwang ending!

One marvelous resource for basic endgames is the following tablebase:


The next time you are being given this type of check, where you have a choice between moving forward into a pawn thicket where your king has no (or limited) legal moves, and retreating (safe but you may never get access to that area again), just think of the move you are about to play as an irrevocable change, like castling or making an exchange.  Advancing the King forward into the opponent's pawn structure can oftentimes be an opportunity rather than a death trap, so don't develop a bias of fear.  You simply have to calculate better.


Thanks both of you..
 and here is one more stupid endgame of mine which i lost being a piece up (i din have much time to think when i gave up my bishop)
I really want real solid help to improve my endgames!



I would suggest playing longer time controls, we all make careless mistakes in shorter time controls but I think you will learn more when you have more time to think about your moves.


You want to really improve your endgame? I suggest you just buy an endgame book. That way your study will be organize and structured, also if you forget a concept, you can simply look at your book(no hussle). I suggest you try Pandolfini's Endgame Course...


Yeah, I agree with JamesCoons.  You simply hung a piece when you were short of time (everybody does stuff like that); that really doesn't have much to do with learning how to play endgames. Smile


checkout K Mueller's endgame dvd for that position. He explains the rook dynamics very well. Fun to watch also.