Silman's Complete Endgame Course - any good?



Remellion wrote:

Reuben Fine's Basic Chess Endings, updated by Pal Benko. That book is way harder to digest than Silman's, although it's definitely way ahead in terms of content and thoroughness. Get Fine/Benko if you can stomach hours of serious endgame study from long lines of notation, get Silman if you want something lighter and easier to read.



How'bout Practical Chess Endings by Paul Keres. He had (hate to say this) definitely known more about endgames than Silman I'm afraid


And this is a minimum by one of the greatest endgame experts of all time 


Silman's Complete Endgame Course - any good?


It is a great book and IM Silman is enjoyable to read, but nowadays with so many other good endgame books available in e-book format with interactive chess engines (so you can test moves that are not considered by the author— in other words, put in “the work” that so many high level payers chastise lower level players about), it is hard to recommend it over any number of other books in e-book format available in the Forward Chess (many publishers) or Chess Studio (Gambit) apps. This is especially true for an amateur audience consisting of a wide range of people who may be too busy to routinely set up two boards, play through positions, and explore and analyze lines that are not considered in the author’s limited space in a book.

His endgame course is offered as an e-book in the e+chess app, but there is no interactive engine to play and test out moves.

My favorite endgame book. Still use it all the time. I'm not good enough for Dvoretsky's yet. But I did make some checkmate pattern flashcards for helping with endgames. Checkmate Pattern Flashcards,