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Weird engine endgame analyze

  • #1

    So here is the endgame, 


    I was using analysis board editor and analyze option from chess.com


    Now it says that 

    this position is over +50 and then shows some moves, engine used is stockfish.js which is js version of stockfish.


    but it looks more like draw


    Who is in wrong here?

    Is it caused due to fact that I am not a diamond user?

  • #2

    I get the same thing, will have to check a full stockfish install later but as soon as b4 is played on the Analysis board, it gives a more realistic evaluation.

  • #3

    It's a draw whatever the engines say.

  • #4

    Now when I clicked on Toggle Engine Analysis on the first diagram from this thread, it says +0.23, then when I clicked on results again, it opened new window with +50.73.

  • #5

    If black is to move it is a draw after b4. If white is to move white is winning after a3.


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