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What is better? Q+N or Q+B

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    Q + N because you can pin the king in the corner and use you knight to put him in checkmate

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    Just to give you the idea of B vs N, I present my game.

    I have no preference in particular, I can use both Q+B or Q+N. It's natural for me to have them both.

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    SicilianDragon256 wrote:

    Queen and Knight. The Bishop and Queen add nothing new to their respective powers, while the Knight and Queen complement quite nicely.

    If you think Q+B is worse than Q+N, take a look at my game above.

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    According to Capablanca queen and knight is stronger.

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    ok actually Capblanca said knight and queen may be better than bishop and queen. Even though i believe there is a Capablanca theory that states that queen and knight is better.

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    Frank, While you are correct that it  entirely depends on the position the fact is that in more than 90% of the cases Q and N beat Q and B. 

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    Search balance on google picture, then drag and drop pieces into your photo editing program of choice.

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    ohh.. thanks!!

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    Chase2020J wrote:

    Q + N because you can pin the king in the corner and use you knight to put him in checkmate



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    I have a correspondence game which I won vs a current correspondence grandmaster showing why queen and knight beats queen and bishop.

    Also, Ponziani Power has a very nice vote chess game showing the power of queen and knight.

    Queen and knight work well together as the knight can cover squares that the queen cannot cover.

    It is more than a trivial margin that queen and knight usally beat queen and bhshop.


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