can’t think fast in games

Just had an hour long game, probably the best l've ever played, against a 1000 rated. I promoted 2 pawns, got a brilliant, yet l still lost on time. So ridiculously frustrating. 40% percent of my losses are lost on time. I gave it 100%, was doing SO well, yet I still lost. I’m taking too long to think about what needs to be done. Now I’m just exhausted from that game. Why aren’t I able to think fast enough.

after more and more games positions will be familiar and your moves will be quicker.

Chess is a game of pattern recognition. The more you play games like that you’ll get better and quicker at recognising patterns

Yes I agree with both people


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Here's my suggestion:

Perhaps for the next game, play with a slow time control with increment or time delay. This will help you not lose on time. Or maybe play with slower time control than you usually play with. For example, since you play at G/60, then try playing G/90 or something like that.

I hope that this helps.


Have you been playing chess less than a month?


It's just about endless repetition. While you need to analyse and calculate every move you will lose at faster time controls. That's why I generally only play daily. There are plenty of positions I know very well, but plenty I will never have seen before, too. So, you can enjoy chess, or play millions of speed games, and study like a daemon. Option 2 will make you better at chess... But will you enjoy it?


Over time, with practice, you'll develop a sense of intuition.

Mintymoo12 wrote:
Chess is a game of pattern recognition. The more you play games like that you’ll get better and quicker at recognising patterns



Slower games mixed with a good amount of lower-rated puzzles will help develop those speed skills. A game of bullet now and again could also be beneficial in recognizing your typical “instinct moves.”


Well, don't play 3 minute blitz, you'll really fry your brain. I make so many mistakes in playing blitz it isn't funny, but it's fun.

The 3 day game is a nice change of pace. Try it.


Start playing people close to your own rating, not double it. They will have to think as much as you.


since you arent very high rated it will be hard for you to think fast. I would recommend you to play longer games such as 30+10 or even 60+10


Your problem is not that you can’t think fast enough. Your actual problem is that you will keep thinking until you’ve found the best move, even when the situation requires a more pragmatic approach.
Most players at your rating level have the opposite problem, they play a move without taking enough time to consider the consequences. They won’t learn and you will. What you do is better! That’s why I am reluctant to encourage you to play faster, that will come over time.

However, you should train yourself to be more aware of the time left on the clock for both players. Time is a resource and should be managed as such. When you’re determining what move to play, you should make how much you have available part of the equation.

Here's an example from your own game.

You have only 3 minutes left (of the initial 60). This position is so overwhelmingly winning that if you want to sacrifice your Queen just to take a pawn (Qxb2+ Kxb2), you’re still winning, simply by promoting the h-pawn to a Queen (or even the g-pawn).
It’s incredibly hard to calculate the best move in this position. It’s also not necessary, because practically any reasonable move is just as winning as the best move. It’s not about thinking faster, it is about realizing this position isn’t worth 30 seconds.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

KingGoKnightKnight wrote:

Have you been playing chess less than a month?

I’ve been playing over a month now yeah