Feedbacks from my coaching services


Dear Chessfriends,

I collected some feedbacks which my students wrote from me. If you are searching for a coach who can help you to increase your level, you can read these feedbacks then check my profile. If you are interested in working with me, write me a message. happy.png

„Thanks so much much! I want you to know that I really enjoyed our lesson. You are clearly a very good coach. I really appreciate how patient you are with me. I know some of the concepts you showed me seemed easy to you (and probably some of your other students), but you didn't rush me and made sure that I had a thorough understanding of the material. Thanks again and I look forward to many more training sessions with you!” (Connor)

„Thank you for reviewing my homework, Gabor. I will rework the ones you mentioned here under before our session on Thursday.

I really like your teaching style, and i appreciate the work and the passion you put into it.

Will be sending you a preparation/report email before Thursday, as usual.” (Ayman)

„And yes, I really am very excited about how well my game as improved since we started! I've won like 9 out of my last 10 games, several of which were opponents 200 or more points higher than me. I constantly find myself in better positions, making better trades, and making moves with more intentionality as products of your guidance. As i play, I listen for your voice in my head (often: "Naaa I don't really like it!" or "MMmmmm Its a bit passive!" haha) When I do those, the actual points/pieces have a way of just falling magically into my lap.” (Jason)

 „Good stuff. You are making me a much better player! ....Even if i can't figure out a damn pawn/king endgame no matter how many times you torture me with it....” (Jason)

„Of course, happy to do it! I've enjoyed our lessons tremendously so far and think I'm getting a lot better. I just beat a ~2050 on lichess yesterday. They blundered at the end of the middle game, but I had played Sicilian and I think I was in a decent position for a draw anyways! (Kyler)

„Had a few lessons with Gabor, had to say he was very prepared and the material he provided was very high quality. Gabor also explained the ideas and variations in great detali, overall had very good experience with him as a coach. Definitely one of the better value coaches in the market!” (Anthony)

„I have had about 5 lessons with Gabor by now and he is great! He is very patient and makes sure you understand and progress! He also prepares every lesson before we start.” (Kunal)

"Gábor is an excellent teacher and I would recommend him to anybody. I've worked with a few people and he's hands down the best. He's been teaching me openings, strategic plans, tactics, and endgames. Importantly, he's also teaching me the fundamentals of each. I've been rapidly improving - I went from a ~1500 on to a ~1950 on lichess in just a few weeks. I couldn't recommend Gábor enough." (Kyler)

„I have been taking lessons from Gabor for a couple months now. I have been so happy with the improvements in my game since starting. Previously, I would always find myself making trades because there was nothing better to do, or moving pieces without a ton of purpose because I simply didn't see opportunities on the current board. Now I find myself trading much more strategically, and moving with much more intentionality. As a result I happen to find myself in more comfortable positions, gaining material with less effort exerted, and my score creeping upward where it had once stalled. On top of that he's a fun and pleasant guy. I always look forward to my next lesson with Gabor!” (Jason)




the fee ?


You can see my fee at my profile, it is 50 USD/hour.


ok i cant afford so much i am very sorry


No problem


Hello Bagabor,

Hope you are doing well. I wanted to know how much it costs to get lessons from you.


Hello,  Thank you, I hope you are also doing well. You can see my fee at my profile, it is 50 USD/hour.


Hi there, I'm very interested in getting better and have been studying but just videos aren't enough. I would appreciate your time if able. Thank you


Hi, happy.png Thank you for your interest! I messaged you in private, let's talk there. happy.png


SPECIAL DISCOUNT!!! If you start working with me in September it can be 35 USD/hour instead of 50 USD/hour!!!


He is a very nice and helpful coach. I have taken a few classes from him and I am already feeling better. He is great at analyzing your games, and has several tactical positions, endgames, and games that he will show you. He also replies to messages very quickly (within a day or 2) and always checks homework. Overall, I would really recommend him to players of all levels of play. 


Come on guys, you have just 1 more week to reach the LIFELONG DISCOUNT!! happy.png