how come I can beat the intermediate bots but I can’t get past 400


#41 I'm calling bulls#@¥. Judging by your last 3 games, if you're 1400 I'm a GM.

olienintendo wrote:
I’m around 300 but I can beat the intermediate bots

Good job being able to beat the bots but when playing humans it's just different. Bots will always play at the same level, and relatively the same way, but when playing humans well human playing style can be very widely variated. People's level can variate as well, some people might be overrated and some may be very underrated. With humans you never know what you'll get but with bots it's pretty predictable. For example, take a bot that has the same rating Mikhail Tal did. A very high rated player might be able to beat a bot at that rating, but when playing Mikhail Tal himself, it would have been very different, because although the rating might be the same, Tal played a lot of unsound sacrifices that usually worked, but because they were unsound they never would've been played by a bot of the same rating. That's why I play bots to study openings but play real people to improve.