how do you beat a pro at chess???


get him on LSD and steal his pieces while he wanders around saying unicorns are in his toilet


it took me going down 700+ point in the beginning (5-6 months ago) to get to where i am at my current blitz rating. my improvement was fast because i study chess 3-4 hours a day...


Research the bongcloud opening. It's a very reclusive opening that leads to a great middlegame. 


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challange me who want compition


get really fast at puzzle rush then challenge a pro to 1/0 chess - you will have a fair chance of skanking a win off them with that skillset


To beat stronger players you have to “complicate” the position for them.  The more tension and pieces threatening each other makes it harder for them to analyze and increases the odds of a mistake

Maybe slow your games down and not play blitz so much

beating a pro at chess is one thing, but what about beating a con ?

jai6780 wrote:

challange me who want compition

English grammar competition? Sure.


Make chess pieces out of silly string, and when he's not looking, unravel a piece and beat him senseless.

Grind it out patiently, and take the game deep

you have to

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Plato-potatoe doing their third rate ken m act

that’s 5th rate spelling, that is.


Convince the pro he should play blindfolded since a lot of GMs can do it too. Maybe his ego is so big that he accepts even tho he cant play like that.

BlackOpsLova wrote:
Can you tell me how to beat pro’s at chess????

You should try to get good at chess and watch moves always have a rule book on hand and talk with them a lot to get them distracted so the make a bad move r they run out of time I sometimes make people think I speak another language in the chat and then they spend all there time figuring out what I said when really it is jiberish



Most pro-players (Well, to me, "pro" is anything above 1000) ignore my open challenges due to my low score, but occasionally one will accept for god knows what reason. Pity? Easy win for self-esteem? Idk. Anyway, the simple truth is that you usually can't beat them. You can either resign when you start feeling too discouraged, or you can play until they put you in checkmate. I usually do the former, but once I did the latter, and it resulted in the relatively better player taking me under his wing for a bit, so that was nice happy.png