I became bad at chess

Greeting. I play chess often, about 2 games a day, and I was playing playing fine since I am begginer, but lately I've been playing chess a lot more often, even up to 7 games a day, and as I started playing it more often, I got really bad at chess, and my concentration during party fell. Has this happened to you, and can you give me a tip? Thank you!

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"... Most internet players think that 30 5 is slow, but that is unlikely slow enough to play 'real' chess. You need a game slow enough so that for most of the game you have time to consider all your candidate moves as well as your opponent’s possible replies that at least include his checks, captures, and serious threats, to make sure you can meet all of them. For the average OTB player G/90 is about the fastest, which might be roughly 60 10 online, where there is some delay. But there is no absolute; some people think faster than others and others can play real chess faster because of experience. Many internet players are reluctant to play slower than 30 5 so you might have to settle for that as a 'slow' game." - NM Dan Heisman (2002)



I tried slow game but problem is that I am to lazy to think about my moves longer than 1 minute or to wait for opponents move


and then I lost concentration and everything goes down..


"... the kind of thinking it takes to plan, evaluate, play long endgames, and find deep combinations is just not possible in quick chess. … for serious improvement ... consistently play many slow games to practice good thinking habits. ..." - NM Dan Heisman (2002)



play 15+10


I have progressed a lot and I play mostly 30 minutes games.


But how I can know if my opponet is cheating on long games. They are having enough time to enter some chess apps or analyise and they can see best moves. Is that possible?


Memorise openings. 


"... Overall, I would advise most players to stick to a fairly limited range of openings, and not to worry about learning too much by heart. ..." - FM Steve Giddins (2008)
"... I feel that the main reasons to buy an opening book are to give a good overview of the opening, and to explain general plans and ideas. ..." - GM John Nunn (2006)
"... the average player only needs to know a limited amount about the openings he plays. Providing he understands the main aims of the opening, a few typical plans and a handful of basic variations, that is enough. ..." - FM Steve Giddins (2008)


Hi All. I am just trying to help. I am just trying to help. Hi All.I see people want to reach 1800 ratings, but it only achieve able with hard work and being discipline as you have to spent time on a regular basis. Let me tell you a fact that, even i was 1200 here in chessdotcom and have reached 1900+ in 4 years because I was not regularly playing.I used to play only 3 months in a whole year which is not good enough.I didn't even try to think like 1500, 1700, 1900 mind sets in the game. Just be regular and try to play higher rated opponents so that you will come to know your weakness in your game. I stream chess games, puzzles ,puzzles battle for 1200-1800 rated players on regular basics and play with all people who wanted to feel how 1800 rated player game taste like.You can add me as friend and send challenges on chess.com. (Username you know already).You can catch me on www.twitch.com/corporatechessguy for livestream. I hope you all get a chance to play with 1800 Player like me, as other high rated players don't except challenges from lower rated player to be honest. Hoping to receive more friend request on chessdotcom and followers on twitch. Most important, you are always welcome to try out your tournament practise with me. Let's play together!