Keeping Faith

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Yeah,  just gotta keep on keeping on.  I was 800 rating when I joined this site but as I play more and more games that became 1000 then 1300 then 1500 and onwards and upwards.  Gotta do the time to make the gains N thats how it should b!!  

yeah, alright. This is why this section of the forum sucks.

You are smurfing and I've seen you denigrating beginners. In other games that is despised. You didn't get 1600 or whatever you said in 2 weeks, because I have caned everything I've basically ever done and not come anywhere even close to that. You are talking complete rubbish.

Smurf account

Incorrect,  i'm new to chess and that's why I started at 800 rating,  I said "New to chess" and would have been better off saying I was "advanced" or maybe even "expert".


I'm not that type of girl


Are you f***.

No swearing or i will report you. Please keep it clean


And by the way, you two are being quite childish arguing over such matters. Chess is a game, that's all. Nothing to fight over. If you want to fight, do it in your own time and don't disturb the rest of us. 


Winning does motivate like little els


The moral of the story is, chess is a game, and that’s it. Nothing to fight over! We all start at different levels. I’m still a beginner myself. So I don’t expect anymore nonsense. Either be friends or go your seperate ways. 


The moral of the story is that you take what you read on the internet with a massive grain of salt. Along with things like setting realistic goals unique to one's lifestyle and not just playing online (single player too, with a good book), then keeping one's faith in the game is not really an issue at this level imo.


Words of wisdom!

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   As a result of "SorryImAnon"s account being closed for fair play overnight.....I have deleted my post in an effort to get the OP's thread back on topic of Keeping The Faith.

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