learning from your mistakes evaluating games?


How is 7 mistakes possible in 35 moves is that ok will I get good accuracy

silverelectrolyte wrote:

How is 7 mistakes possible in 35 moves is that ok

How about blundering away 2 pieces in just 8 moves?

No, it's not okay.


Me crying inside I get a rating of 750 elo


Reviewing your games allows you to understand the thought process behind each move. This understanding can help you make better decisions in future games.


I would recommend watching the Gotham Chess video on reviewing games, or some of the other YouTubers vids on it. What I do is look back at a game and try to figure out the point where I made an error, it might not be the actual blunder, maybe a few moves before that, and try to come up with a series of better moves to give myself a better position in the game so those blunders don't happen.


I really like Gotham chess he taught me to sac the rook also chesskidnerd is great Igor too