Noob looking for Advice!


Shrevy, you don't have to finish all the basic lessons. Last time I checked, you can take any of the the lessons.

phobophobic wrote:

I am a beginner at chess though I used to play chess as a kid but I was terrible at it. I am learning from chess lessons available on this site and they are great but sometimes they ask questions like dora the explorer which can be a bit frustating. Any recommendations for resources to learn chess from

The ones previously mentioned are probably enough. If you know how the pieces move alongside their point value and know basic checkmate patterns, as well as avoid making absurd moves in the opening (you don't need to have the best opening, just make sure you aren't like doing the bongcloud or making moves at absolute random), you've probably got all the info about chess you need at your rating.

Really, what you need to focus on is not giving away pieces for no reason. At sub 1000 I've yet to see a set of games from a player where people aren't regularly giving away free pieces that determines games. Focus on paying enough attention each move so you don't give away pieces. 


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