stuck at 700+ why?


Just read chess books, solve tactics, puzzle rush. Try to play more classical games rather than blitz or bullet chess. You can practise in or even better is to play more tournaments. These things will surely help you become about 1600 rating. Do you have a chess coach ?


I was stuck on 700 for years but now I am at 882. and so I am no longer stuck any point ill be stuck at 800?


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1_a31-0 wrote:

Same. I am also stuck at 700+

I am also stuck at >700


You should use's Tactics Trainer and follow the rule of "if you find a good move, find a better one". Analyze your games to see how and why you don't make optimal moves.


Average with Bullet is rating 800, Blitz 900 and rapid 1000 average.

michelle56 wrote:

Average with Bullet is rating 800, Blitz 900 and rapid 1000 average.

Wow, I find that hard to believe, is that the average across all members?

I’ll input my two cents, for what it’s worth. I prefer long time controls. My speed chess sort of sucks but I definitely understand advanced(?) tactics. Time pressure screws my brain, so if you have this same problem as me, I would suggest playing longer time controls. One thing that helped me raise my daily chess rating several hundred points in a few months was taking a white opening and a black opening and ONLY playing those openings. Of course as black you have to react to your opponent, but try to have a good response to e4 and d4 and know it inside and out. This alone will improve your game. Naturally, tactics and middle game fun comes next, so learn about taking advantage of pins and all that. But more advanced would be learning how to retake pieces and keep the end game in mind! Will your pawn structure be ok when all the big pieces are off the board?
One final pairs of advice. Do not play HOPE chess!! I have fallen into that trap too much, just hoping and praying that my opponent will move where I want him to even though there is a much better obvious move for him. See and anticipate your opponent’s response and expect him to see the good moves he has. When he does make a mistake, punish him for it. Try to maintain the initiative. And good luck!

don't stress about where you are relative to others. if you enjoy it continue. if you get too frustrated, there is much more to life.

Thank you for the information

To get past 700 just keep doing tactics training & playing every single day.  Good luck to you all


Also, don't worry too much about your rating just take your time and go at your own pace!