Terrible chess player!!!


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I'm not very good either, but if you stay alert to threats to check and capture (and of course mate) in the present position and also after your move that should help you. Also you should know the relative value of the pieces in terms of pawns - I was taught the queen is worth nine, the rook five, bishop and knight each worth three (although some say bishop is better) and pawn is one, but connected and passed pawns are sometimes worth more. Tactics that create double threats are great - forks, pins, skewers and discovered attacks can win a lot of games. Since I've started my chess vision has greatly improved and it takes even strong players a while to beat me. Now I have to become better at controlling space, not getting boxed in and stopping "unstoppable" attacks before they become unstoppable. But having fun is the main thing no matter what, if I ever stop having fun then I will stop playing.

Oh yes and king safety, don't forget that. There's nothing worse than getting mated when you are up in material ( unless you are the one who was down). King should not be too exposed, but also should have room to move so you don't get a smothered mate.


Was this a one minute game?


One tip for @BMMhunter3d : Stop seeing yourself as a terrible chess player. The best way to get better at chess is if you believe you can improve. Thinking you'll always play horribly won't help that process. wink.png 


Then again, thinking you're a genius is a sure recipe for disappointment.


I hope it wasn't too long before you got over it.


Hey, I very nearly got that!


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vizIIsto pin.pngpointed out basics, yes!

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I've looked at a few of your games, and the biggest problem seems to be that you just give away pieces with no reason at all. In one (played at 3 days per move), you took a bishop with your queen and allowed a recapture with a pawn. 

In order to improve, you would do well (as someone else recommended) to get "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess" and study it from cover to cover. Then get on here (or chesstempo.com) and do tactical puzzles until they're coming out your ears. Finally, use the resources here to study (or at least play over) some of the games of the great masters and see how they develop. I'd start with Morphy--one of the greatest players whose play is also very accessible.

Good luck.