ugh.. I'm losing so badly, makes me want to quit.

just as the title reads.. 50% multiple blunder games.. losing on but winning on lichess.. not sure what my problem is.

Maybe I'll just keep playing until my blitz rating drops to 100

I have my rank high rocketing sometimes and then hitting rock bottom. I keep learning about things but they don’t seem to stay in mind. I’m losing 98% of the games and win purely by accident
I had an old account and created a new one because I quit once but wanted to start again. Maybe it needs time and patience

You can immerse yourself in self-pity or use some of the thousands of resources here and online to improve. Your choice.


I get what you are saying.. for a while I was learning learning learning any means possible.. now, I try to learn new things but I'm just in limbo.

I just watch GothamChess’s videos hoping my brain absorbs something eventually

I've had the same problem in the past. It was a matter of slowing down and looking at all the angles. Don't leave pieces hanging. Try to set up pins, skewers, and forks. And only play when of the right mindset.

masterius77 ha scritto:

I get what you are saying.. for a while I was learning learning learning any means possible.. now, I try to learn new things but I'm just in limbo.

You have to reaaly focus on ONE thing at a time in your situation, not even three or two, but just ONE + keeping playing RAPID and CLASSIC games only, not even one blitz, or bullet or other. For one entire month.

What is the one thing that you need to study most?

A GM-suggested approach to understand what you should focus on, based on your games, is the following:

1- Take 10 games that you lost

2- Analyse them, and identify the biggest kind of mistake you did in the game, the one that changed the course of the game and, in principle, made you losing it

3- Classify such mistake under one of these:

a) Tactical blunder or anyway missed/overlooked tactics

b) Strategy error

c) Opening

d) Endgame

This will tell you where to focus for the next month. Divide your available study time in percentages, and allocate them according to what the a-b-c-d told you.

Hope this helps.


Keep on going and push through. Look at it as a learning opportunity instead as a failure.


I appreciate the feedback.. I just gotta not get down on myself. I have a hard time finding the best moves most of the time, and the games that I do find the best moves it makes me feel like I'm making an improvement. Then I get brought down to earth that I have a long way to go to get where I'd like to be.

masterius77 wrote:
just as the title reads.. 50% multiple blunder games.. losing on but winning on lichess.. not sure what my problem is.

So I looked at some of your games.

The first thing is, you're not looking at hanging or improperly guarded pieces. You missed free pawns or more in multiple games.

You also HUNG stuff in multiple games.

You also are not looking at your opponents threats. You make many pawn weaknesses in your position, like holes (when you played a pawn to f6, e7 and d6, letting the enemy knight jump in on e6 and fork you), and so on. And your openings are not sufficient for your rating (playing 1...g6 and 2...c6 is not even recommended for people even rated 1400; the Modern and Pirc defenses require a LOT of advanced positional knowledge in order to not get a passive position or weak squares). So what you need to do is:

1) learn a decent opening system that doesn't leave you behind in development or with weaknesses all over. You can take up the slav defense or the queen's gambit declined vs 1 d2-d4, and the Ruy Lopez or Berlin Defenses to the Ruy Lopez vs 1 e4. If the opponent goes 3 Bc4 (instead of 3 Bb5), the Two Knights defense is very strong for Black. There are many free videos you can look at without having to pay money for overpriced chessable "courses", plus if you know where to look (Try librarygenesis for starters, until you learn about more things I'm not allowed to discuss here), you can get books in PDF form to read also.

Work on solving puzzles. If you're a "diamond" member here, you can get unlimited puzzles. These puzzles are good practice until you reach about 2200 puzzle rating, whereupon they start looking like "computer" generated weird puzzle problems (all these puzzles are taken from actual games played on, from a search algorithm that composes them with a system first improvised by GM John Nunn, among others, in using games from chessbase and megabase to create puzzles before CC and Lichess became a thing), or use Lichess, where you can do unlimited puzzles for free. HOWEVER this is still a BAND AID fix--you need an actual GRANDMASTER WRITTEN "puzzle" tactics book, that will teach you good tactical themes by pattern recognition. Anyway, when doing "online" puzzles, do NOT rush through them. Take your time to look for the theme or for the best move, even if it takes you 10 to 15 minutes to solve it. But again-this is not the ideal system--you still need an actual book.

The book "Combinational Motifs" (Combinative Motifs) by M.Blokh is a tactics book EVERY chess player should own, but I'm not sure if this book is suitable for your level yet, and I can't recommend books for lower rated players unfortunately, someone else will have to do that for you. Hopefully some other people can help you with suggestions.


I'll look over your advice more thoroughly later but I do have a question. Did you look at my blitz games, rapid games, or a combo of both?


Just a few of the most recent games (a win and a loss). Doesn't really matter because you were not in time pressure anyway, and blitz games are good for showing you your biggest flaws also.


I see.. yeah I've been trying to gauge what openings to actually use.. there are so many and even at this level people already know counters to most... I'll take your suggestions tho and look over a way of streamlining my openings to activate pieces quickly and try to look more at what my opponent is threatening... I just feel like my brain shuts off when I play sometimes.


That's why I have Martin as my profile pic. I feel like him most days at 250 rating.


Look for patterns or recurring blunders.


Yeah I do try to review my games but I'm not that great at finding stuff that will help me in the next one. I wish I had enlisted help of a coach to guide me in reviewing games when I first started playing.


Is this a troll thread? Your latest rapid is 1228 and yours bltiz is 589. That's hardly newbie.

You've won 579 games, lost 607 (which is normal for relatively new aspiring players.)

Playing bullet and blits is supposed to be for very experienced players. Most people who take the game seriously will suggest that you practice on a slow-paced games (rapid/classical) to get you used to movements, layouts, tactics, etc. IMO, you shouldn't even really be touching bullet or blitz until you've reached say about 2000, or if you just wanna have "a bit of fun" every now and then.

You've played 301 bullet games, won 137 of them (which isn't bad.) That compares with rapid 91 won and 56 loss.

If you're not learning anything, it's probably cos you're racing through these games and not thinking through every turn on the board and what the benefits and consequences of them are.

I reckon ya should swallow ya pride a little, find out what your weakness is currently (be it major topics like openings, end-games, etc; or minor ones like tactics, pairs, etc) and watch some videos on YouTube, maybe some puzzles, and/or read some books. If blundering is your biggest issue, then you probably just need to slow down for a moment and think about each move before you commit to it. That means playing more rapid games.

@Kylearan has also given ya many good points. I second most of what he's said.