What should I study more in the current situation?


I have now read two tactics books. Every time I play a game, I always exchange it after opening it because I don't know what to do, but I feel like it's an unreasonable exchange. What more should I study?


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Study your own lost games and learn from your mistakes.


A GM-suggested approach to understand what you should focus on, based on your games, is the following:

1- Take 10 games that you lost

2- Analyse them, and identify the biggest kind of mistake you did in the game, the one that changed the course of the game and, in principle, made you losing it

3- Classify such mistake under one of these:

a) Tactical blunder or anyway missed/overlooked tactics

b) Strategy error

c) Opening

d) Endgame

This will tell you where to focus for the next month.

Hope this helps.


Study games of strong players to grasp how they handle various positions.


If you choose to get higher at chess proper now, focus on these things:

1. Starting Moves: Learn a few exact approaches to begin the sport for each white and black piece. Figure out why every pass is made and what techniques work best.

2. Tricky Moves: Work on recognizing problematic strikes all through the game. Practice fixing puzzles to get better at seeing mixtures and clever moves.

3. End of the Game: Understand how video games end. Learn the fundamentals of endings, like when there are only a few pieces left. Knowing this stuff can truly help you win.

4. Smart Moves: Learn about clever strikes at some point in the game. Figure out how to use your portions well, where to put them, and how to sketch your moves.

5. Learn from games: Look at your very own video games and video games performed by the right players. See the place where you make errors, and strive now not to do them again. Look for patterns in how you play.

6. Game Plan: Understand how to sketch your moves. Learn about pawn structure, the place to put your pieces, and how to assault or defend.

7. Time Management: Get better at using your time accurately in the course of a game. Make selections besides taking too lengthy on every move.

8. Play a lot: Play in opposition to one-of-a-kind humans regularly. Whether it is online or in person, enjoying it many times helps you use what you have realized and get better.

9. Keep updated: Follow what's occurring in chess. Look at current video games performed by top gamers to see new thoughts and strategies.

10. Positive Mindset: Stay fine and focused. Learn to cope with strain and remain calm, even when the sport is tough.

Practice in many instances and experience learning. Have an exciting time taking part in chess!