Why my move (Ndb4) is a blunder in the following game?

I_Have_Little_Life wrote:
imdashraful17 wrote:

In one of my most recent games, I have played Ndb4 in the following position (I am black). Why is this move being shown as a blunder in the analysis? As you can see, it doesn't leave any major pieces in threat.


because after Qxc6! and Nxc6

white can play Bb5!! pinning the knight and threatens to double black's pawns.

After a6, Bxc6+ then bxc6, black's pieces are passive, pawn structure has been ruined, and white can castle. White is completely winning.

Wrong. After Qxc6?? black has a brilliant move Ke7!!!! bringing the King close to the center which is guaranteed wining endgame. If you cannot calculate tricky moves, dont mislead people. period 


My advice to all noobs: ALWAYS put the black king in dark squares the first chance, It is safer and kinda camouflages in dark squares and the enemy pieces cannot see it to attack it. The same goes with white king.  


Yes Qxf7 is mate