1000 Signs you play chess too LITTLE!


21. You use your chess set as a decorative centerpiece.


29. You lost on time on a game without a clock.


You can't even win for a Klondike bar.


you put the king on his own color.


32. You try to lose at chess

33. Losing rating points is a honour (I think there was some thread about someone doing that)


34. You rook-lift every game.


34. You play bughouse with 3 imaginary people. And still lose.

35. You think zugzwang is a German sausage with mustard and relish.

36. You think the King's Indian Attack is a significant event in the French and Indian War.

37. Your opponent checkmated you with a bishop and king vs. king. 

38. You succesfully play the FTL Variation of the Scandinavian as Black:


40. You think en passant is a French food.


41.  You think your opponent is a pissant.


42.  You try to mate with a KIng and Minor Piece vs King.


43. You regularly sacrifice your King.


you play the Richter Veresov when you really meant to play the Ruy Lopez


45. You try to mate with King vs king


45. You hopelessly try to cover your white pieces in chocolate syrup when your opponent isn't looking so it can be safe from attack.


47. You still can't win the WCC.


48.You think you could get world champion within a year if you really wanted to.


49. You think the queen is worth more than the king in points.

50. When you attack your oapponent's queen,you blurt out check.

51. When your opponent tells you "check", you ask, " check what?"


52. You sneak an extra queen on the board

53. Your friend cries when he sees you play (Hint hint cradon)

54. You bet on the other person to beat you in a game.


53. Ppl randomly yell out things ie. losing, terrible, blunder force mate 7 moves (hint hint DaBigOne)

54. You put the letters vertically and the numbers horizontally

55. In notation, you use numbers before the letter

jrzmath99 wrote:
DaBigOne wrote:

22. You try to mate yourself

I actually did that once in a puzzle. I was wondering why I couldn't find mate  but then I realized it was my own king.

23. You have never had a game go past the opening, because you always resign after you lose your queen

24. You don't know what the point of Chess.com is

25. You buy an opening book, thinking it opens itself

I did 23 again to get back on track because 11 got skipped.

That means you play chess too little