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2826-4000 Worst Things To Do While Playing Chess

  • #1

    2826. Not sleeping at knight.

  • #2

    2827. Not awake at knight.

  • #3

    2828. Not sleeping at bishop.

  • #4

    2829. Not awake at bishop.

  • #5

    2830. Saying, "WTF?" too much while the game is going on.

  • #6

    2831. Saying, "WTF?" too much whenever CPD47 posts.

  • #7

    2832. Sleeping on your kidney beans too much while a game is in progress then finding out they're not beans, but your kidneys themselves.

  • #8

    Bored huh?

  • #9

    2833. Taking Ambien and sleeping with the castle.

  • #10
    DamonevicSmithlov wrote:

    Bored huh?

    Too hard to be board...

  • #11

    2837. Playing GM Buster McDuster and getting both busted and dusted off the chessboard.  Whatever.

  • #12

    2838. St. Patrick dressing up in a green Santa Claus suit and coming down your chimney three days before St. Patrick's Day.  He proceeds to tell you that since you've been too naughty and not nice enough that you will be receiving no green ham, no green corned beef, no green potatoes, nor eggs, for Christmas, nor the mean lean green queen you had been hoping to receive.

  • #13

    2839. BROKEN BONES TEACH BETTER LESSONS! That's right you heard it here first folks, new trend in discipline! Tentacled priests break bones to teach lessons! Break your opponents bones to win a game! Break a presidents arm to get your mom pardoned from prison! Break Garry Kasparovs pinky to win a chess match! Broken BONES!

  • #14

    so this is the new forum?

  • #15

    Yo mama's so -- Wait, what, mom?!

  • #16
    drDuki2004_X wrote:

    2835. T



















































































    i hate when people do this. im just gonna do it myself cuz i want to annoy all of you. greetings from hairy-gorilla land and t-rex land.

  • #17

    wutz 9+10? 21!

  • #18

    Well! I see that 2826-4000 Worst Things To Do While Playing Chess is off to a strange start - nothing new here folks! - go figure...

  • #19
    zhikaihuang wrote:

    Yo mama's so -- Wait, what, mom?!

    Heh-heh, yo momma was callin' youu!! Innocent

  • #20
    zhikaihuang wrote:

    wutz 9+10? 21!

    This isn't the blackjack for cheaters post site. 2+3=21.


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