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A spot of chess comedy

  • #1

    Hi guys,

    We make comedy shorts and sketches and recently completed one about a game of a chess with a difference. Thought the guys and girls on here might appreciate the funny side of it, take a look if you like!  Hopefully it'll bring a smile to your face.



  • #2

    IMHO? Lame.  The music was ok.

  • #3

    Don't give up the day job.

  • #4

    tough crowd..

  • #5

    Haha seems like it.  Ah well, thanks for taking a look anyway Wink  Any advice/comments on what could be better?

  • #6

    Silly. Resignation would have been funnier I think.

  • #7

    well not bad actually when i first saw the chess set it was funny  but then the joke was over and it was outright lame... 

  • #8

    B/W cinematography was good.

  • #9

    Yeah, this is true -- the punchline was delivered halfway through.

  • #10

    even so i paid not so much atention to it, i also think the cinematography was quite good

  • #11

    Yeah, the cinematography/look was good.  I thought it would have been improved if both guys (particularly the guy with the glasses) would've taken the proceedings more seriously.

    But the "joke," such as it was, wasn't terribly funny, and then it dragged on pointlessly after that besides.  Anyway, "chess comedy" tends to be a bit like "office humor," I'm afraid... Wink

  • #12

    Checkmate!!! Now that's funny!!!

  • #13

    and original!!!!

  • #14

    Yes, it was amusing but went on way too long.  One of them should have made a move after you first see the board, then have the other resign or something.

  • #15

    Yeah you could trim it, then insert it into maybe a 5min comedy film.

  • #16

    Sorry NPO Dave, it wouldn't play on my droid. ;)

  • #17

    This is Belfast chess. The Irish GM on the right missed a stalemate opportunity a move earlier.


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