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Bongcloud Classics and Principles

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    Hello all, I would like to begin by thanking the players of the games included for providing something instructive, and for playing the aforementioned games. Any way to Buisiness. First a game and some principles that can be applied.

    Principles to be learned
    1. When Center is locked, get pieces active
    2. Develop the king as far as possible
    3. Coordinate your pieces against the enemy Monarch and form a wall to keep him trapped in a corner
    4. If sacrificing Material means winning, then do it
    5. remember pawns are just baby queens when on the seventh
    The next game is a quite draw
    Principles to look for, Premature locking of the center can often not be undone, and can be an effective drawing tool
    if an attack on the flanks begins, then locking those can prevent any penatration
    Game three
    Lessons to be learned from this game
    Pawn Tension is your friend
    Do not be afraid of attacking
    and never ever leave your King sitting in the corner
    Game 4
    Lessons,Don't Blunder
    now enjoy


    BM jet, BM bresnado, and BM dolphin897

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    Great material for an opening book.

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    yeah, the purpose was to have some fun with writing an article for the BC, on 4/20

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    Pawns are baby queens when on the seventh.  LOL Hilarious.

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    This was a recent game played between me and gravitymagnet OTB(of course I won't reveal his real name unless he allows it...).

    We both made inaccurate moves, but that was because we were playing blitz(3 minutes) and we were both not used to the timing. 

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    well played, helltank, that was rather entertaining, not much I noticed, here is a short analysis

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    Yes, I am very proud of Qe8. An oft-forgotten Bongcloud Principle is that the BACK RANK IS EVERYTHING! If the opponent has more control of the back rank than you do, then he can confidently march his king up and sacrifice material to break up any blockades. 

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    Early Bongcloud practitioners:

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    yeah example one of the OP

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    This is fantastic and hilarious.

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    As a historical sidenote, that picture was taken just after the London Bongcloud tournament, known colloquially as the London Cloud(not to be confused with the London System in the Bongcloud, which is an opening).

    Edward Buries, the inventor of the London System, is in the picture(top row, third from left)-an odd coincidence. 

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    and Lenny Bongcloud's Great Grandfather (Roger Bongcloud III, simply known by his opponents as trey), inventer of the triple cloud complex (1.e4 e5 2. f4 d5 3. d4 f5 4. Ke2), is bottom row second from the left

    That was a great tournoment, featuring the tallent of Bonglekhine for the first time


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