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Chess art in a game.

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    Here is a cool looking position I had in one of my games.
    To make the masterpiece complete (art wise), I should have just waited with Rc8, and persuaded white to play Rd1 for kicks, with a funny looking position actually. So many pieces on the d file, and at the bottom cramped into white's camp.
    So 30.Qe3 Rc8 31.Rd1 Rd8, with the d-file piece town, with a symmetrical piece structure on the c,d,e files.
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    the d file looks clogged :)

  • #3

    Yeah, it is very rare to see an entire file or rank occupied in a serious middlegame!

  • #4

    This really goes to show the difference between open- and semi-open files.

  • #5

    Now that I'd call a creative mind. 

    Only some can understand art. 

  • #6

    Indeed bjazz.

    32.Qf2 is aesthetically pleasing.

  • #7

    I once played a game where all four bishops were on the d file.  It happenned within the first dozen moves, too!


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