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chess rap

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    What type of rap is this???
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    Awesome rap.....

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    As the battle Rajon, ya boy getting destroyed,

    Blast Nimzo-Indian missiles and annoy you in the Ruy,

    With fidgety bishops I find joy to deploy,

    Double pawns worth the pair, oh dear, you're so coy

    A wild endgame, barely holding intact,

    With the bishop pair rolling, discover double attacks,

    Knight stretched, can't hold, now I'm falling apart,

    Gotta kick the board over and resign with a fart

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    What type of rap is this? Gangsta chess

    I hold my own against masters and I spank the rest,

    I respect the arbitors; nice to thank the refs,

    Cripple defenses when I outflank your nest

    Your position can't breathe as if I'm squeezing your lung,

    I also drop in a reference or two to dung,

    But I got a jet son, like the Jetson's son,

    And I laugh at half-heroes as of yet unsung

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    No matter the material you gathered cause id rather grab this draw of repitition, badger badger badger badger badger

    You wont like me when im angry, like my boy mark ruffalo, and as we all know, Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


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    Yalls rhymes is scrawny but i got a buff flow

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    Ya aint gonna get into mah path.

    I aint gonna tolerate ya.

    Or trade witchya.


    Yoh king gonna be a suicicadin bitch, and ima be like the Zionists versus ISIS execute your queen like Marie Antoinette in a guilitonne and put up the heads so we honer em and we can fock your son.



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    Intrinsic in all the remarks of Panaka:

    A frantic manic panic

    Ants up in his picnic basket

    Erratic howls from the addict in his attic shatters a mirror that fractures into toxic perspectives that manufacture distractions in a desperate, irrational, hecitcness


    This more or less manifests whe he plays chess

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    Keep me abreast of this perception of unrest, since

    Each position i possess, you seem perplexed at the lesson, bitch

    I'm ravenous; collapse every avenue you've explored

    And what's more so, Mr. Rondo, that's only the board

    But on the court, you got a champion ship but now we're seasick

    Riding the rocky waves of your play, ask Michael Pietrus

    pierce and kg came with motivational speeches

    ray with the swishes, rondo, you know what a leech is?

  • #231

    Plant a bishop as a seed and see my strategic tree grow

    Such a hassle to castle now, or even gazebo

    A sea of pieces thrashin', my queen resemble a kraken

    Emerges in a fashion unnerving to hapless patzers

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    I need only one Benoni to go Obi-Wan Kenobi

    These aren't the moves you're looking for, I told Komodo, boldly.

    I saw a lady playing chess, pieces stashed in her purse,

    I asked if I could be her second, but she said I'd be her first.

    She needed advice in her game real quick;

    We conversed for a bit, and I gave her a tip,

    And after that we even got around to some chess theory,

    Now she goes to tournaments and it's a lot less scary

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    That was dumb.  THis thread MUST die!!!!

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    from the score you can see
    on the board my moves be
    enough to simul a whole national team
    my pieces move like a vendetta
    sack your queen but I've seen bettah
    alekhines gun is my beretta
    and as the time runs you try to reset (the curse)
    that makes your position (much worse)
    like how every chessboard on tv has its colors reversed
    but you're the worst
    your moves lack the flow of this natural born pro
    even Morphy's like whoa
    and Capa had to step back
    Korchnoi defected, and Bobby never came back!
    and that's the force of the all time greatest
    test me to mate? you must be a sadist

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    Wow, looking through this topic, so many good rhymes.

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    I'll can take yall where ya need to go

    back to my hoood down in dem oods...

    we do it difrent 'round here dat right

    but we do it real good and we do it all night

    you really wanna know how it feels

    to rock a noob 

    bust a sutter tube?

    jump on in then mang and tell ya friends 

    lets raise some hell where the county line ends

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    Check my endgames, rook, my technique's textbook

    My play stays thunderous, like Russell Westbrook

    Your play stays blunderous, like clunky guesswork.

    I collect purse at tourneys - you've a junkies' net worth.

    I trap horses like Derby, strap you to a metaphorical gurney for your inexplicably disastrous journey. Gaffimous.

    Gaffe-filled play, with no backbone, I'm giraffe-ish, homes. Your pieces play in a lil doggie park, mine Jurassic, I set a fantastic tone.

    I beast on noobs like wesley, so shut the hell up, and don't bother tellin' me about a variation I didn't play - I was prolonging the agony of that dumb, persistent fella smell me?

    That's the gas, for my stomach rumblings release from a certain one of my body's sphinctors - permeating the hall with stink, sir.



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    How post a game?

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    dougroberts0621 wrote:

    How post a game?

    You've been here more than seven years, and you've been fairly active on the forums ... and you decide to ask a question like that in a thread titled "chess rap"?


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