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Chessov Nevalostagameski

  • #61

    Ivana Plaivitiu

  • #62

    Konstantin Chekin (real name)

  • #63

    I am, like, not really sure.

  • #64
    Sortov wrote:

    I am, like, not really sure.

    Are you sort ov sure? Tongue Out

  • #65

    Havel Iziliwin

  • #66

    Leonid Gudlak

    Viktor Krushevribodsky

  • #67
    Crazychessplaya wrote:

    Leonid Gudlak

    Viktor Krushevribodsky

    I played Viktor once. He wiped the floor with me.

  • #68
    mashanator wrote:

    Why do you keep digging this thread up?

    Likely because he had a brilliant idea for a clever new name and wanted to post it.

    Anyway, I am happy he did. The thread is funny.

  • #69

    Ivan A. Khrushuski

  • #70

    Kostya Tudala

    A hustler.

  • #71

    If I could only tell hustlers by their names...

  • #72

    Van McCoy is one to watch out for.

  • #73

    Isaac Forsmåt.

  • #74

    Vladimir Kickassoff,Vassily Blunderski,Victor Mosquitov.


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