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Daeru(White) vs. browni3141(Black) WITH KIBITZERS

  • #121
    jetfighter13 wrote:

    Na5 looks to keep the pawns that are in the center, cramping white, b5 does the same, as for tactical respoces, f5 looks good

    I'm not too fond of Na5, since it's not a great square for the knight. f5 looks a little loose. I'd like to defend the pawn with 13...b5

  • #122

    14.a4 is an idea. If black plays 14...a6 than we can play 15.axb5 axb5 16.Rxa8 Qxa8 17.cxd3 and black can't recapture with his queen and after 17...cxd3 it shouldn't be so hard to win that pawn.

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  • #124

    go for it, looks sound and after running a few variations in my head, That looks right

  • #125

    I play 14.a4

  • #126

    Sorry, I forgot about the game. I play 14...a6

  • #127

    go for the tactic

  • #128

    I play 15.axb5 

  • #129

    His plan is clearly to win the d pawn, so perhaps trading it first with dxc2 is logical?

  • #130

    I was hoping for some kibitzing here, oh well :(. I guess I'll take the game into uncharted waters with 15...dxc2. I see nothing wrong with it, and it trades the d-pawn before it will become extremely weak.

  • #131

    The change in move order looks better than our variation. I'll just take with 16.Qxc2 since it looks pretty much forced. What should be the plan now?

  • #132

    Good idea but axb5 Rae1 Rxg7 and black not only is a pawn up but also is stopping Ng5.

  • #133

    16...axb5 seems forced.

  • #134

    17.Rxa8 and Rad1 are my candidates.

  • #135

    I play 17.Rad1, it has some nice threats

  • #136

    Any help here?

  • #137

    Would you like to call it a draw? No one seems to be interested.

  • #138

    wait I am still here, I was under the impression that you were in an extended exchange

  • #139


    Abandon = no result

  • #140
    Daeru wrote:

    My response is normally 2.Nf3 but I am considering 2.Qh5!? to get out of theory very early.  


    No no no, not the "Parham"! xD

    I would play 16...axb5, trading rook, e.g.


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