How many points?


If you add all the "points" of a player's pieces eg a knight is worth 3 points, as have have two knights this is 6 points etc, how many points in total is a player's pieces worth?

Hint: this is a trick question.  


I would say 31 (3+3+3+3+5+5+9) + 8 (pawns) = 39.



Since you have said it is a trick, I can see two possible answers:

1.    31, since the pawns are not "pieces" as you asked


2.  Maybe you were including the King, which would make it n+1 or infinity, since the king's value has no limit.

swestland wrote:

I would say 31 (3+3+3+3+5+5+9) + 8 (pawns) = 39.


I read somewhere that the king is worth 4 points in the ending. Of course the king is the most important piece and it can't be taken but if you need to compare it with a rook you can say that the rook is better than the king. So the answer might be 35 or 43 if the pawns are considered pieces.

I wait for the solution.


I thought you might wonder if a knight and bishop are both worth 3 etc.

The "answer" is infinity as you suggested as the king is worth everthing.


I don't think the king is worth any points. That is, he is worth zero points or infinite points. There is no way you can say that, for example, it is worth trading my king for a knight and a rook. Because without the king you are dead.


I would say that the answer is 103 points because if your opponent has promoted all his pawns into queens you would get 103 points altogether.