How old were you when you learned chess?

Heleyson wrote:

A few days ago, at age 73, I began learning the game of chess by completing the Chess for Dummies  book. In those few days,  I've learned how much more there is to be learned and am looking forward to the challenge.

Welcome to the wonderful world of chess!  If you can find copies of these books they will help you immensely:  Jose Capablanca's CHESS FUNDAMENTALS,  and Lev Alburt, COMPREHENSIVE CHESS COURSE.  The resources here on are really first-rate for both learning and enjoying this game!  

I'm 70 myself.  I think chess helps keep my brain "in shape."  I know it never gets old or stale. 


Oh sure, go ahead and make fun of me!  But the moment you have to get your Pyrex out of the oven, who you gonna turn to?


I haven't yet, so I'll get back with you.

apawndown wrote:
Welcome to the wonderful world of hess!   

Okay, I knew he was a GM, but...apparently he's now just taken over everything.

AndyClifton wrote:
apawndown wrote:
Welcome to the wonderful world of hess!   

Okay, I knew he was a GM, but...apparently he's now just taken over everything.

Yeah,  he had his own oil company and owned the NY Jets for awhile!



at the age of 9, i got checkmated by scholar's mate by my Grade 3 homeroom teacher.

12 - joined a chess club

14 - first tournament.

16 - got 1000 rating

18 - now, hoovering between 1200-1400. I play for fun, so I don't study it.


7 but didn't really start being active until 13




In my early 20's after a 10 year old talked me into playing and beat me.


Around 12 my brother taught me the rules. I was bored the next year and That's all I did when I had any free time. I entered my first tourney when I was 14.


I played my first chess game around first or second grade, but I didn't really learn all the rules until I was about 8 or 9 years old, which is when I recieved the generous gift of a copy of Starting Chess (Usborne First Skills) from my uncle along with my first real chess set, a nice oak one which I still have.


5,but only started  again 2 years ago at 12


That depends on what you mean by "learned chess."  I learned how the pieces move when I was about 10 or 11.  I didn't really learn how to play (strategy and tactics) until a few years ago.


I learn rules when I was 8 at school. I started to play and study about 2 months ago.


I don't remember when I learned how the pieces move.  I became interested at 18, and went to my first tournament at 21.  I'm 28 now.


I played at three and i'm 7


I learned many years ago (30+) but I got interested again last year when I found an old reinfeld book my brother had. I started looking for a place to play online, and boy am I glad I tried instead of yahoo:-) I used to think I was pretty good, but I have a lot to learn


about 8...but I started working on learning theory,tactics, engames etc at about 17


Learnt it in my mother's womb!


Thanks apawndown, I'll chase down your two suggestions.  Herbert