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How to cheat in a masters tournament.

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    I have seing lots of forum post get locked for this same topic, still I am attemping to post on the topic and no getting the post closed, a personal challenge, we will see if I succede.

    On one of the episodes of Mission Imposible (link at the end of this post, don't want people to see the video and get the answer to the puzzles, that is cheating), the special team have to catch a chess Master who also is into some other deshonest activities. To do so they get one of the members of the team to play an open tournament where say master is participating.

    Of course the team member is not able to defeat the master, so they have to cheat. To do this they use top technology, this is a hidden camara, a hear pice and a super computer, here pictures of the equipment:


    1. The head pice

    Notice that the crepy mustach takes all the atention helping to distract the people who then don't see the hear pice.

    2. The camara

    3. the computer

    Notice that this episode was aired in 1968, and back in that day it was quite clever and new the idea of a computer that can defeat a chess master.

    All the positions they play are actually puzzles, so lest see how many people can solve them:

    The fisrt one is a tournament game to ilustrate how the cheater is scalling up the ranks on the tournament by defeating other players, this is the puzzle of that position, the first white's move is Ke2, then the puzzle begins:








    This is the recostruction of the first game between the spy and the master, this game is acutally a nice miniature, I tryed to recosntruct the game the best I could, hope didn't messed it up too much:

    After the last move of the Master, He sealed his end, the next moves of this game I am going to present them as a puzzle








    Of course after the Master loses the game then claims that anybody who plays like that must be titled, and acuses the spy of being deshonest. Then the master start to suspect about that almost invisible hear pice. So he finally find the computer. And they agree too keep playing the tournament and to let the master win the tournament.

    The master win the next 2 games, they don't show too much of this games as they did with the first one, unfortunally, for the second game they show the Master moves some bishop and says "check mate" and for what is on the board I can't understand how, on the next cut they show the mate position on the wall board on the background, it doesn't show much neigther but this is a a puzle I build considering that position:








    They don't show much of the last game, neigther, but still enougth of the board for me to create this another puzled on that position:








    At the end of the Episode, they get the Master arrested Laughing

    And as promised the link to the video of this episody, enjoy:


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    In case you don't see the link to the episody, (the formating is all mess up and I don't dare to fix it), this is the link to the video:



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