if Wile C plays chess with Road runner who would win


if Wile Coyote played a game of Chess with the Road Runner who would you bet on to win ?


It depends on the time controls. In bullet, most certainly Road Runner. In OTB Wile Coyote would get tricky, positional and chew every bit of Road Runner's position :)


-- wow I never expected an answer as smart and clever as yours - your answer is neat - I must make a note to never get into a battle of wit with you


How about getting into a battle of chess?


I don't know, but since Wiley and Road Runner were on TV over 50 years ago I can definitely say the following with 100% certainty:

Since Wiley and Road Runner are not up on current opening theory and are not cognizant of modern chess strategies and principles, any current player (even drunk or on a bad acid trip) rated over 2000 could crush them in a 20 game match.


No doubt they would be testing the Acme Birdseed Gambit.


Acme Birdseed Gambit - Cool


Wile Coyote would probably set some elaborate opening traps trying to take advantage of the roadrunners quick development, but just as Wile was about to spring the trap - he would probably get royally forked, hang a rook, and get hit by an anvil.  Like Morphy always says . . .

 . . . beep beep.


-- neat I like that quick development thing


Let me consult with the ACME Company.


Wile C would take the C File, but get stopped by a fork in the Road as the pawn Runner sped to victory.