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Invent your own chess piece!

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    How about a Death by Chocolate piece.  White and Dark Chocolates of course.

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    AxeKnight wrote:

    The "rabbit". Moves anywhere like the king, can only be killed by major pieces - queen and rook.

    what about capture not kil?

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    Parasprite, moves & capures like a pawn But if it capures any other peice it will ''clone'' itself. they even replacee the pawn.

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    VULPES _VULPES.An evil piece that moves anywhere you want.Replaces king.

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    Rebro wrote:

    I give you the Templar. It moves in a dual kind of way to a Knight. Placed near the center of the board, there are 8 squares it can move to, like a Knight, but forming the pattern pictured below (imagine the Templar placed on the red square; its available squares to move to and/or attack are in blue):


    The Templar moves to any of the outer 4 blue squares in this picture by 'jumping' over the adjacent square that it can't move to.

    Note that Templars come in light and dark varieties, like Bishops. Templar Chess is played on a 10x10 board, labeled a1 through j10 in algebraic notation, with a White Rook on a1, Knight on b1, Bishop on c1, Templar on d1, Queen on e1, King on f1, Templar on g1, Bishop on h1, Knight on i1, and Rook on j1. 10 pawns occupy the b rank, and the setup for Black is the mirror opposite of this, as in standard chess. (I chose this setup so that the fianchetto maneuver is still possible.)

    A Templar is less mobile than a Knight, but as compensation it has a somewhat more flexible looking attack pattern, and performs better on the edge of the board or in a corner. Overall I'm not sure if it should be worth more or less than a Knight, or equal.

    An interesting idea, but it would probably only be worth 2 points. It combines the shortcomings of a bishop (locked to only 1 color) with that of a knight (small range).

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    How about a piece you can promote to other than the typical Pawn to Queen promotion: The stinky sock. Your opponent is guaranteed to not be willing to capture it, because capture would mean having to touch it! Laughing

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    The pickaxe. It breaks a square so it can't be used, but you can attack, defend, check, mad mate through it.

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    The time bomb. It can't be captured and you can check, capture, and attack through it, but you can't checkmate through it. Explodes after 5 moves, killing every piece in a 2 square radius.

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    The weakness. It can be any piece. Both sides have one. If it's captured the owner loses automatically.

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    The ambassador: Can move like a knight and a queen.  Worth 12 points.

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    imagine having a chess game only using these new created pieces.

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    ilikecapablanca wrote:

    The ambassador: Can move like a knight and a queen.  Worth 12 points.

    There's a name for that.It's the Amazon.

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    How about the 'Suicide Bomber' that for one time only can take out up to four pieces (whether white or black) in one go if placed on its diagonal squares (as in an x-shape); but, of course, in doing so, also takes itself out?   

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    The prince, starts on the square of the king pawn which it replaces. Only one of them and is worth 2 points. Looks like a pawn but with the top like a bishop. Moves and captures like a king and can check the other king by being on a square adjacent to it.

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    The magnet: Can teleport to the 5x5 square surrounding it, with lots of special abilities

    Ability 1. EMP:- disables the opponent's ability to make a move for three moves, which means that you can play 3 continues moves, however, during which you cannot check the opponent's king. Available for once in the entire game.

    Ability 2. Cannabalism:- the ability to capture pieces of the same colour. Available on every odd rounds.

    Ability 3. Extended move:- grants a special move to the piece, shown in the diagram below. Available for 5 times in the entire game.

    Ability 4. Attraction:- pulls a non-royal piece of the same colour towards the magnet, specific details shown in the diagram below. Available for 5 times in the entire game.

    Diagram key: Queen= magnet

    Pawn= the squares that the magnet can move to and capture if there's a piece on it. When attraction is used, the attracted piece must land on one of those squares.

    Knight= the squares that the magnet can move to and capture if there's a piece on it.

    Rook= When extended move is used, the magnet can move (but not capture) onto one of those squares.

    The piece would be worth about 15 points.

    The piece would look like a pawn as tall as the queen with a horseshoe shaped magnet on the top of it.

    The piece would be available if a pawn captures a piece, then the pawn will immediately promote into a magnet.

    Edit:if you capture your own king with cannabalism you lose :D

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    this is called the Joker. It can move like the knight and bishop. This piece is worth 0 points LOL i'm just kidding

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    Each time a pawn captures the opponent can put an opponent piece that he captured back on the board where he wants to put it (pawns can't be placed first/last row, occupied fields can't be chosen). Also no self-mating lol

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    Chuck Norris, Looks like chuck norris, attacks like a queen and a knight, 1 per side, 12 points. Boom, best piece out there


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