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    I re-posted it with this category in case the general category is in danger of never being read again... as I didn't realize how often things get posted ...etc...






      I have an idea for a forum-based chess gameplay, in which there are 2 players and 1 game-master.  Using Knightmare Chess, following the shared deck rules, two players are seated and presented before the game-master (as role-played via forum).  The game-master then shuffles the card deck and allow the players some time to decide their chess color (black/white).  If conflict arises, each player submits a number from 1 to X where X is the total number of available cards (as dictated by gamemaster).  The game-master draws the card out of the deck and displays the numeric value of the card (1-10).  The higher number wins.  Draws are re-rolled.

     As played out by the rules of Knightmare Chess, the game-master distributes cards accordingly.  (These rules will be posted...)  Then the first game-post is displayed as a standard chess board (using the neat features hosted by chess.com!), where no moves have been made yet.  Time-limits may or may not be decided on.  The cards distributed will come in the form of private messaging to chess.com inboxes.  These messages will state every exact detail about the card that the player needs to know, save possibly the image on it.  This can easily be done by creating a card spreadsheet out of the entire deck, and distributing this spreadsheet to game-masters in like.



    - Normal moves (without the use of a card) can be posted directly on the forum topic. Each move MUST come with an image (small is preferable) in order to prevent misunderstandings.

    - Questions can be posted on the forum topic, or PMed to the game-master.

    - EVERY card move must be sent to the game-master for approval first, and he/she will THEN post up the image for the next move. 

    - Every new card that either player is entitled to is sent by the game-master.  This can come from using cards or discarding cards.  It is in the player's best interest to wait until the game-master has provided them their entitled card(s) before they make their next move.  Reminders may be sent ONLY ONCE per turn to the game-master if they do not respond after an excess amount of time.  Any more than that is disrespectful.

    - Observers are discouraged from hinting/commenting irresponsibly... and although it is unavoidable, this is one constraint to keep in mind.  Excessive unrelated comments should be removed.  If it becomes a big issue, we can move gameplay to the game-master's personal blog to enable all moderator modes, and leave the main forum for game-finding and/or FAQs/discussions.

    - Rating system... is an idea; however it should wait until this type of community has grown to the point that this becomes realistic and significant.  Generally I would be against this, since Knightmare Chess sometimes relies on a lot of luck.

    - Cards whose effect cannot be visually seen on a posted image will not be included in a deck to be used... (atleast until we find a work-around)

     In a sense, this type of gameplay assumes that the game-master is highly reliable and unbiased... and probably should be appointed by an administrator of this type of community. They SHOULD also have some IRL experience with the cards, or have bought the cards themselves, OR... have played in this community forum long enough to know the whole thing off by heart (hey, relax... it's just experimental!  Notice the 'SHOULD'? ).  The game-master SHOULD have bought the game.  If not... then find a way to emulate it.  (Using an MTG, Magic the Gathering, engine or similar programs isn't a bad idea...)  The game-master must also have the capability to access the game within a set amount of time after each move (similar to the time limits of chess.com... we're not in any rush here).  And lastly, they must be friendly.


    If anyone reading this is interested in my idea... POST!  Gawd... so obvious.

    I'll probably re-post this idea on the main forum instead of just my blog. 

    Btw.  I have the game... obviously.

    ... I don't have the 2nd version... so someone else is gonna have to write the spreadsheet or whatever for it if we want to include it to our available cards.

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    its very comlicated...I guess


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    I actually used to own all of the Knightmare chess cards. The game could've used some more balancing - some of the cards were absolutely broken. One of the neat ones that stands out in my mind is the one where the whole board rotates 90 degrees. Once I played it and two pawns automatically Queened, with a whole lineup of them ready to march on in!
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    How is it that complicated?  It's basically normal chess with additional/neat powers /options through cards.  THAT'S IT!  Please don't be intimidated by the large explanation I provided.  I just wanted to be crystal clear about everything.  It wasn't meant to scare you away!
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    illuminosferatu wrote: How is it that complicated?  It's basically normal chess with additional/neat powers /options through cards.  THAT'S IT!  Please don't be intimidated by the large explanation I provided.  I just wanted to be crystal clear about everything.  It wasn't meant to scare you away!

    Illumino - I'm sure you'd get people more excited by typing out some of the powers the cards grant rather than just explain the rules of the tourney. Howabout posting some of the cooler ones? I remember things like multiple knight jumps and stuff. Tell us some of the abilities the cards grant.

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    It's difficult for me to find the card info online.  There's not a lot of sites that post it.  I'd have to wait until I get home from work.  In the meantime, if you want... you can lend me a hand.
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    Here's an example:


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    These ones taken from:




    Here's the comments taken straight from the website itself (might take a bit to understand):

    This section is a chance for me (and others, if you write me) to rave about their favorite Knightmare Chess combinations and cards. My current favorite? Pacifism and Fatal Attraction. It's a little more subtle than a Fireball, but almost as damaging. Fatal Attraction allows you to "freeze" all pieces within one square of the piece you designate as a "magnet". This is a continuing effect, which lasts until the "magnet" is captured or moved. Obviously, you can prevent yourself from moving the piece. Pacifism prevents the piece from being captured. Voila! You've locked up 14% of the board and, if you were smart, several of your opponent's major pieces.

    Okay, wiseguy. Why not just fireball the same 3x3 square and be done with it? Three reasons:
    - You can start the Fatal Attraction/Pacifism combo after a capture, which you can't do with a Fireball. Captures can often get you into the 7th rank of your opponent - use a bishop to capture the knight pawn early in the game and you'll gain a pawn, lock a pawn, rook, knight and possibly a bishop in exchange for a bishop. Rock on. Play Fatal Attraction at the end of your turn, Pacifism at the beginning of your next turn.
    - Sometimes you want to complicate the board. Extensive fireballing turns into simple, quick, brutal endgames. If you're playing with alternate victory conditions, like King of the Mountain, (or just not very good at endgames!) you want to make the board a complicated place.
    - You can "undo" a FA/Pacifism. You can't undo a Fireball. Why would you ever want to undo such destruction? Well, if you're about to be mated and that bishop can capture the queen or block the mate, you'll really appreciate the option to undo.

    More favorite cards and combos coming soon.


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    A few examples:

    Earthquake:  card mentioned above rotates chess board 90 degrees (left or right) as the person who plays the card chooses. 

    Paladin:  Place a marker on a knight and it becomes a paladin moving to the opposite of a 3x4 rectangle rather than a 2x3 rectangle. 

    Coup: Allows another piece to become a King.  You place a marker on it.  It still moves like it did  before it became a King but now it is that piece that must be checkmated.  The King becomes a Prince.  It continues to move like a King but is now expendable. 

    There are cards that let any piece move like a rook/bishop/Knight for one turn (usually without the ability to capture on that turn)  Cards that let you let two given pieces trade places sometimes your own pieces sometimes a swap with an opponent. 

    I enjoy playing the game to add a random and wild aspect to the chess board.  My daughter loves to play it with me as she has no hope of beating me with regular chess, but the cards give her all kinds of fighting chances. 

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    Here's a neat card:


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    This one's rather annoying... and can potentially STOP a checkmate:


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    Dunno if you guys can read the text on this very well, but you can try:


    Play this card after any move which does not capture an opposing piece.  The piece you moved EXPLODES and is removed from play, along with all the pieces in the eight adjacent squares, whatever their color.  The pieces are regarded as captured.  Kings are not affected.  Play this card immediately after your move.

    Turn the chessboard at right angles, clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Pawns still move away from their owner.  Any Pawn in the new last rank is promoted, your opponent promoting first.  A Pawn in its new first rank can move one or two squares forward.  Play this card immediately after your move.  CONTINUING EFFECT:  Until the end of the game.  If the continuing effect is undone, the board is turned back and Pawns are affected as above.
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    I can barely read this one:



    Play this card when your King is in check (even checkmate).  It swaps positions with any one of your Pawns, as long as the new position does not place it in check.  Play this card before your move. 

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    Here's a bunch:


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    A lot more:


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    Any further posting is welcome... feel free to post your favorite cards up too.  Just to get the ball rolling... =P
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    I just found out the price for a deck (either version 1 or 2).  It's typically 25$ Canadian... Which SHOULD be close to 25$ American, given this day and age.
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    You can purchase from Amazon.com in U.S. for $16.95 & $14.95 for first and second sets respectively.  As I said I really enjoy playing this game with family and friends.  It seems that it might be a bit unwieldy online. 

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