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really funny position! Win or draw?

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    Draw. I saw it in CL4K.

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    c7     Bxc7stalemate.

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    summitwei wrote:

    c7     Bxc7stalemate.

     ts way more complicated then that.

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    Draw.  Here are black's best tries.


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    obvious win for WHITE because... pawn takes knight mate

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    Maybe I'm just slow, but why doesn't this work?

    1. c7   nfd6

    2. c8=B (Or Q or whatever)  Bd4!

    BxB7 isn't Checkmate, and Nxb7 isn't stalemate because the bishop isn't guarding b8 anymore.

    Obviously there are a bunch of variations white can play out, but with the huge lead in material it's a clear win for black. 

    So what am I missing? : D

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    Ahhhh, aha. You're right. Nice.

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    here's a help-me mate----pxn,nfd6 ,pb8=n mate


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