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The never ending story

  • #1

    Once upon a time, Harold was watching TV when he heard the doorbell ring. Suddenly...

  • #2

    So Harold replied:  What "forum" do you speak of sir?

  • #3

    Suddenly the guy transformed into a monster and replied...

  • #4
    hessmaster wrote:

    A guy came in and said this forum is dead.


  • #5

    As the monster laughed, so did Harold ... for the monster's hearty laugh was very contagious!

  • #6

    Harold decided to go for a walk!

  • #7

    But the world never really ended proving the tv program to be a hoax

  • #8

    Writer of the story was retarded and didn't thought that  Harold got super powers and can rebuild world, what Harold did.

  • #9

    Thus creating a paradox of multi-verses with Harold the god of one & the "unnameable" seeking to destroy that which Harold continues to create, forming a bond between the two as codependent & eternal nemeses!

  • #10

    Then they both farted.

  • #11

    & from thatBURST of flatulence a newGALAXYwas born!

  • #12

    and i ate it 

  • #13

    and couldn't sleep due to indigestion

  • #14

    & thus Chessaddictedprakhar became known for this across the multi-verse & all dimensions & was so dubbed the Fart-Eater from this time forth & forever, destined to eternal indigestion & insomnia surrounded by flatulence in his own private reality with only hessmaster, FallingUp, & konhidras by his side.  Meanwhile ... Harold & the "unnamed" monster Gm_andrewfeng had created continued to do battle!

  • #15

    Meanwhile...Master _Kaina kept on farting and creating new galaxies...

  • #16

    & from jealous envy, konhidras wanted to follow Chessaddictedprakhar in his ways & thus adopted to also eating flatulent galaxies which I had expelled thus he too became known as a Fart-Eater which spawned a new race of "Fart-Eaters" across the cosmos.

  • #17

    Warren Huffet looked up in the sky & saw a great moneymaking opportunity. He clapped his hands with glee! He quickly bought up 90% of the shares in the canned bean company. Soon... 

  • #18

    Warren had developed great residual income due to the new demand for flatulence-producing goods & his quick, keen investment actions!

  • #19

    Warren sat thinking... I must protect my invest. Therefore I will build a rocket ship (and wear a gas mask) and go meet Master_Kaina, the biggest bean consumer in the Universe. I will offer him unlimited resources to fight any enemies he may have. When they met...

  • #20

    Master_Kaina received a visit from CaptJaneway & they negotiated.

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