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Toffer can play

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    Tongue out yeah we can talk about chess and other matters . . . 

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    andy_estrella31660 wrote:

     yeah we can talk about chess and other matters . . . 

    hey  andy  you  added  me  as  a friend the last time  we  played.if  i  have  time  to go to manila  ill  get  your  address and  go to play  at  the venues  where  masters  play, i do  not  know  yet where are  the  different  venues . ii have  been  to  luneta  but  they  say  its  not  open  anymore.there  are  many players  here  especially  filipinos but  the y  are  from  the  provinces  just  like  me.seldom  i play with  manilenos. manilenos  have  a top level of  play  as  i heard,  thanks  to  wwwchesscom  i have improved  my  level  of  playto  me  every  defeat  will  turn to  be  a win  someday..bye  for  now








      i meet  manilenos  like  you  to  play  with.lipinos  here on www chess but just  like  me  they  are  from  the  provinces.

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    helloall! Laughing


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