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Turning an explosive Latvian Cloud into a slow, grinding game

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    Karpov-Dnotchelly 1978, Casual Game. 

    Karpov employs the Bongcloud. Dnotchelly counters with the shaky Latvian Cloud, and Karpov artfully transforms it into a blocked, slow game. Dnotchelly gets frustrated and tries to break through, allow Karpov to use his far superior king development to clear off the queenside and march down his king there. 

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    great game but a few mistakes from white at the end there cost you a much easier win

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    I didn't play White, Karpov did...

    Could you point out the mistakes? 

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    Is this a joke?


    edit: after ke3 I knew for sure it was a joke L

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    Excuse me? 

    Could you please respect the openings of others? How would you like it if I laughed at the Ruy Lopez or the Sicillian? 

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    haha. Lol..

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