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Weird and wonderful chess sets and 2D vs 3D pieces

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    After playing enough games on the site I sometimes find it requires a mind-shift to pick up actual pieces on a board, which I don't get to do very often, and view the gameplay in its simplistic 2D representation that I've become used to.  I would almost prefer to play on a board with flat pieces such as those used for chess instruction on a white board.

    Does anyone share this experience and, while on the topic of unorthodox pieces, I'd like to hear of some of the more unusual boards that you've played on.

    For my part, aside from the life-sized pieces I've enjoyed playing with at venues like Geneva's Parc des Bastions (Switzerland) and the Drakensberg Sun hotel (South Africa), I always get a kick from the themed boards - cowboys/indians, King Arthur's knights of the Round Table, Don Quixote, Star Wars, etc.


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    This 2D set might work for you.


    Weird or wonderful?

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    Nice one Tad, not sure I'd be able to get through a game in one sitting though :)  The split board on your avatar is funky too

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    I really don't have any problem going from a real 3D board to 2D or vice versa.  I guess I just think of the pieces and the positions they're in. 

    That being said, I usually have to use Staunton pieces.  For example, in Chessmaster 11 you can choose any number of boards & sets, but it does tend to get confusing as to which piece is which if it's not a standard Staunton set.

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    2d or not 2d? That is the question.


    Weird or wonderful?

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    If those pieces can fit inside the other pieces, then that is a totally cool set.  Would be easy to store them as well.

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    2D to 3D. For the crafty chess player.


    Weird or wonderful?

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    and taking it to another level

    from here: http://www.core77.com/blog/object_culture/gazebo_chess_set_by_wei_lieh_lee_6393.asp


    There are several interesting sets here too, in particular sets 7 and 8 to my taste: http://www.oddee.com/item_96727.aspx

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    Not quite what I had in mind Matir, but it's a great puzzle, thanks for sharing.


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