What's your favorite chess font?


I was curious what other people's favorite font, for chess programs and diagrams was.

I use Alpha for chess.com and my database program. I like how the knights have sharp edge look to them, and all the piece are easy to distinguish.



Those are nice.  How do you change the font for chess.com boards?

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Those are nice.  How do you change the font for chess.com boards?

Go to online chess and live chess settings. You can change you your piece's style there.


For chess.com, I think I like the Classic pieces the best.  For chess programs, some of my favourite fonts or piece themes are DiagramTTFritz, Internet, Merida, USCF and Zurich.  Merida can be downloaded for free, and is pretty common.




My preference is the style called "Book" here. It's similar to the USCF font, or the free Good Companion font.


I really like the Fritz/Chessbase look.


Is there a sonic the hedgehog font like the SUPER MARIO ™️ CHESS COLLECTOR'S EDITION font?(for example the back says Oh No! It’s a battle for angel island! Sonic and Dr. Ivo Robotnik are battling it out once again... this time in the classic strategy game of Chess! Pick your team and take control of 32 hand-painted playing pieces including Sonic, Tails, Amy, Robotnik And Robotniks (Robotniks creations). This one-of-a-kind game is as much fun to play as it is to display! SONIC'S HEROES King -Sonic Queen - Tails Bishops - Amy and Knuckles Knights - Goal Posts Rooks - Chaos Emeralds Pawns - Ring King - Robotnik Queen - Robotniks Bishops - Flying Roboniks (Can’t remember what they’re called but they look like flys only mechanical) Knights - Spikes Rooks - Metal Sonic Pawns - Robotniks Ship (The ones in Sonic 1 All 5 Of them (Not Including Final Zone bc if did it would be 6) And some From Sonic 2)




Fantasy fonts by Maurizio

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grin.png Amazing 1 !!