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Which is harder: Playing a chess master or solving a rubik's cube

  • #101

    Are you guys interested in football? You two seem to be pretty good at throwing random stuff.

  • #102

    Better doing that than going all Rubik on everybody.

  • #103

    My cat seemed to like it though:

  • #104

    my dog didn't seem to get the hang of it.

  • #105

    Still, your dog appears to be having the most fun I've ever seen anybody have with that thing.

  • #106

    Lol you guys funny photos any of koalas?

  • #107

    The closest I could come:

  • #108

    The thing does seem to be rather popular in the animal kingdom though:

  • #109

    Lol Andy I'm still amused

  • #110

    My (twin) brother solved a rubix cube except for two corners from scratch without help multiple times. I guarantee that it is much harder to beat a chess master.

  • #111

    Considering I've never managed either legitimately, I do find it note worthy that, it is much easier to take apart a Rubik's Cube, than a chess master, in order to get them in the desried position...

  • #112

    I solved the Rubik's cube on a 3 day holliday weekend.  Armed with a yellow pad, I drew diagrams.  I was able to to 2 levels when I started.  My basis for solving the cube went like this.  I would move a piece from the bottom level to the top level noting the moves I made.  I then made another series of moves that put the piece from the top level back on the bottom level but scrambled the pieces in the top 2 levels (the routine had all of the pieces in the top 2 level but scrambled)   I then rotated the bottom level and reversed the series of moves I had made.  This put the top two levels back in position.  I then noted how this affected the bottom level.  I then figured out a solution to the cube using repeatedly using the routine  and reverse routine.  It wasn't very efficient solution but it worked.  My wife was very unhappy that I had spent the Holiday working on the cube.  I solved the cube without referring to any out side sources.   I could never come close to mastering chess in a lifetime even with consulting books and other sources.  There is no question that solving the Rubic's cube is much easier than mastering chess.

  • #113

    *Playing* a master is far easier than *solving* any puzzle.


    Now, beating a chess master who's sober. That's exponentially more difficult than solving a rubik's cube.

  • #114

    So you're saying one should spike their water?

  • #115

    Wait, I can solve a Rubik's cube!

  • #116

    Lol Neo

  • #117

    I can solve a cube in 35 secondes and i've been cubing for 7 months. I can't beat a chess master and i've been playing for 5 years

  • #118

    yea chess master is way tougher although i can beat masters and solve the rubiks cube i say beating a master is more challenging

  • #119

    I'm going to take another approach with this and say that it's harder to play the chess master since there are less than 300 of them in the world, and I personally don't know any, but I can pick up a rubicks cube at Wal-Mart for a few bucks.

  • #120

    Less than 300 ?

    This includes all known National Masters,Senior Masters in USCF and all of the FM,IM and GM's in FIDE...these are only two of the chess sanctioning bodies, where did you get your figures?


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