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White pawn promoted into black piece???

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    Ah yes, Heinzie, that looks even more like the one I remember.

    Of course, I've said this twice now, so I might just be speaking complete rubbish. But I suppose I might have even seen both puzzles before! Ah well, at least we have proof of concept. Wink

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    Thanks dudes for the puzzles

    Sadly the game is in question is still missing...

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    Still not satisfied? Well, here's a third one...


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    bioheiki wrote:

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me

    I'm looking for an old real game (18th or 19th century) which a white pawn is promoted into a black knight (I don't exactly remember... but it was a black piece) in order to checkmate the black.

    Thank you.

     I do not think there is a game where white premotes its pawn to a black piece and black pieces can not checkmate its own pieces.

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    SerbianChessStar wrote:
    RyanMK wrote:
    SerbianChessStar wrote:
    RyanMK wrote:
    SerbianChessStar wrote:

    um.. Black can't checkmate its own pieces..

    so obviously something is wrong here.

     No, it was a discovered check. I know the game you are talking about, but I can't find it.

     what is the point though? promoting white knight wouldnt have harmed the discovered check and mate folloiwng..


    yes it would have. Then the black king could have taken the knight to get out of check (or some scenario like that.)

     UGH, stop replying with smart answers! :P

    and yes i agree with rich.. hes cheating! hes using an engine!! :)

    Just wanted to continue the boxes

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    Interesting a white pawn promotes to a black king!

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    Look up Chess puzzles scamschool on youtube to find a video with this puzzle in it. I still don't know what it's called though.

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    SeanMCD001, Did you really just necro a 7 year old thread?

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    I don't know about that,I think.
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    We should go back to that...


    RyanMK wrote:

    rich wrote:

    That's cheating.

     It wasn't at the time it was played. The rules then said that a pawn that reaches the eighth rank may be promoted to ANY piece of the player's choosing.

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    I wish we could back up,wp.png=wk.pngwink.png

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     in the back,frustrated.png

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    Actually chess should be like the computer game Battle Chess, so the pice that gives checkmate does the additional move to capture the king


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