why you should not play the Sicilian

In addition, the TRUE Bishop's Opening, with a nice trap included.


(white king is off the board)
Black king: Where's your king, white?
white queen: (roars loudly) going off to do some prepping in town!
black king: WHAT???
white queen: we'll fight tomorrow...
*black king spits and goes out to town*
<><>ONE MORE DAY<><>
Black king: Ugh! *stretches*
Black king: I'm fighting before breakfast...
black king: we're gonna lose...
black king: hello? anyone there?
black king: i feel ticklish
*black king turns on light*

You know what amazes me, no one plays the Idol Variation of the 1... f6 game. 


It worked for three GMs at the US Open because they were watching American Idol and learned the Idol Variation of 1... f6. The opponent was forced to play 1... f6 or else they would be shot. 


The GMs where GM_GengisKhan, GM_GenghisLee, and GM_SophiaLee.








The way to prevent it is black playing other than 1... f6, but they would get shot.

Mate in 14 is forced with two knights and two bishops. The two-queen sacrifice was very successful.


Event: 1... f6 tournament: Idol Variation of 1... f6 Game

Site: Terrorist City

Round 2

Date: December 31, 2011

ECO: F37


lakersmyth wrote:

OMG i just loved the <*Black King turns on light*> joke

just couldnt stop laughing

 i dont get it


really funny......ha ha 


I came here because I thought someone might have cracked my dragon :|


FutbolStar5 wrote:

I remember when I was 6 and my favorite move was "The Wipeout" (This is a high strategy move where you take you king and knock all of the oponent's pieces off the board.)  My second favorite was "The Rocketship"  (You pick up your king side rook and knock down the oponent's king.)

Did anybody else have these kinds of "favorite" moves?

My favorite is one called "THE KING WANTS A SODA!" In it, the story is that the king wanted a soda (Probably a Sprite) and couldn't find one, so he just knocks down the whole board.


Why white should allow the black

king to give away all of his money:

That is the Standard Mate!


These were really funny, lol!


yeah.......... woo-hoo.........


The Poisoned Rook

Fine print: This is only used for chess fun. If used in tournaments, please contact your doctor. You could be suffering from Cerebrum Infectio/Extremum Stupiditis. Please take this note:

Dear Doctor,

I am very stupid. When I say me, I say PE. When I say paper, I say pages. Please do the following:

Give me a coma,

Kill me,

or Help me.



I am writing this on pages. I don't know what is one surplus one.


And you will write "I love my mother" as:

i luv PE muthbe


omg! that was so funny! hilarious! because it's just so accurate and truthful! wow. astonishing genius! 

Chess321Chess wrote:

The Sicilian is a well known opening. However, it is a fatal blunder for black from move 1. Why you ask? Because of a fatal opening trap set by White.

Brilliant, just bloody brilliant! Chess is now dead.


Whew!!!! That I say is REAL CHESS JOKES.  Never laughed so much with chess.com. You are the man.