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Your funniest lie :)

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    i took this picture

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    hahahaha  cuz that's a lie!  this thread is great.

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    dude!  hahaha  get it?

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    Bobby Fisher said to me to move but I said can you not see I have checkmated you already now in two moves so now it is called the Bobby Fisher mate!!!

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    HAHAHA  get it?

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    wooooohooohahaha  i'm on fire!

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    noooo!  oh but yes!

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    Ooooh!  Can I play?

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    I taught God how to play chess....and he hasn't beaten me yet.

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    oh i totally get it!!!  this thread is so clever!  #lmfao

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    i'm a pro photographer.
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    asmaaa wrote:

    Yosriv ... you can beat all of champions right ?
    I believe you but I can beat you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Then Iam better than all of champions :)

    As long as it's not in what they're the champion at.

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    I would like to thank fracklefrit for his post...

    Oh my God, that's a lie too!  Oh stop, I can't breathe!

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    "Hey, nice catch Julie!" (oh no, another one!)...

    (Still, I must say that Julie was cute as heck...and that is no lie.) Smile

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    My favorite President:

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    A guy who wouldn't have a thing to add to this thread:

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    I booked a flight to heaven and beat Fischer twice there. And I

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    Hey, you guys are even funnier than loudy & the gang!

    Can you believe this?! (am I on a roll or what?)...


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