30 Min Must Have "Move Confirm"!!!!

I was having a good game and suddenly the mouse slip and lost the game. I was so mad!
My thoughts during the game
Computer check.


Anyway, I am pleased with the result of this game because I have improved a lot. My training methods that I have been testing the last 20 days helped me to improve from a new player who just knew the rules


In the first game 16...Nd5?? is horrible.  It exposes the f7 pawn, leaves the light squares weak, the king exposed to attack, and after 17.Qf7 there is no way tmo stop Qe6+, or Ne6.

But to answer your original question.  While i can understand the frustration, its just like OTB play.  Sometimes no matter how careful you are, how much you calculate, no matter how sure you are, mistakes happen.  So no, I do not think we need another layer of "Are you sure?"


Ah, both games are the same Sir. The first one is my thoughts, the second one is the computer analysis.  I was running short in time the last 4 moves (I have 11 minutes left on a 30 min games) so 23.Bxc7 was a bad move anyway. Your point is absolutely true Sir. I just focus only on one side of the board so I did not see the hanging pawn f7 and the continuation after 17.Qxf7. I must practice the habit of 2 weaknesses and creating threats on both sides. Thank you for your feedback


You can change it to confirm move in the settings I believe

No, only in daily do they have the "confirm move" setting.

I've known it to castle for me in chess960 when I've touched my king and haven't placed it yet. This is in daily so I can retract but I would not expect it to happen in live.

I want a Confirm button before it STARTS a game for me. I've known a mouse-click to get it to start a game I didn't want and had to abort. More than once.

I'd also like a "don't throw a chess board in my face when I go to live" option.