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4 poor moves in a row due to time trouble!!

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    I played this (45+30 game) few days back and have fully analysed this (I think). I analyzed it on my own and then compared it with Fritz. Yes indeed it showed me certain lines  which I missed and sportingly corrected me when my evaluation was haywire. I am new to the KIA havng previously played d4 so I am not so familliar with the position that I had. Would appreciate your comments on my annotations and how I can improve my analysis. If a particular line is given by Fritz, I would indicate so and if the variation does not have the name Fritz anywhere it means I calculated it myself. At certain parts, I did indicate my evaluation was wrong and I maintained both the right and wrong so I can compare how my wrong judgement differs from the right.

    Here is the game summary:-

    1.      I played the KIA with black playing e5 Nc6 and Bc5 classical development.

    2.      Black correctly foreseen my lost of tempo with g3 and struck with 4….d5

    3.      After 6. Nc3, dubious 6….Bb4 which gave me a slight edge from the opening.

    4.      Black committed error on move 9 with a premature pawn break e4 with his king still stuck in center and kingside undeveloped. I have a winning advantage.

    5.      I missed strongest continuation 11.Ng5 and instead played 11.dxe4, fracturing my pawns. I evaluated this position wrongly and concluded black has equalized and is probably slightly better but failed to take into account static imbalances where my bishop pair and extra pawn outweighs my damaged queenside pawns.

    6.      The transition from opening to middlegame is an advantage to white but I wrongly evaluated that black was better due to my fractured pawns.

    7.      My advantage dropped to only slight after I organized the attack the wrong way on move 19.

    8.      Another poor move on move 20 that made the position dead equal.

    9.       3rd consecutive mistake gave black the advantage after I sac wrongly on b6 without taking into account positional nuances.

    10.  4th and final death blow after overlooking a simple tactic that made me lost my queen and the game.

    11.  4 blunders on last 4 moves more than enough to cost me the game due to poor thinking, lost of focus and time trouble.


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