Amazing Game - would love feedback from good players

This game was against the clock and what felt like a much better player. He was ranked 1032 and I was 950 or so.

I know I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but feel I had an amazing recovery to win. I’d love to get some feedback from some pros if you want to take a look.

[Site " iPhone"]
[Date "02/09/2020 12:38PM"]
[White "joshjones2000 (982)"]
[Black "Blekksprut (1052)"]

1.e4 {29:55} e5 {29:57} 2.Nf3 {29:53} Nc6 {29:55} 3.Bc4 {29:47} Nf6 {29:51} 4.d4 {29:21} Bb4+ {29:15} 5.c3 {29:13} Ba5 {29:13} 6.b4 {29:01} Bb6 {29:06} 7.a4 {28:53} a5 {28:31} 8.Be3 {28:15} axb4 {28:24} 9.d5 {27:31} Ne7 {27:20} 10.d6 {26:18} Bxe3 {26:40} 11.dxe7 {25:41} Qxe7 {26:36} 12.fxe3 {25:28} Nxe4 {26:35} 13.Qc1 {23:32} Qc5 {25:26} 14.Nbd2 {21:46} Nxc3 {25:10} 15.O-O {20:00} d6 {24:53} 16.Kh1 {18:18} Bf5 {22:57} 17.Ng5 {17:47} d5 {20:20} 18.Rxf5 {16:19} f6 {20:07} 19.Bb5+ {12:21} c6 {19:46} 20.Ne6 {12:08} Qd6 {18:20} 21.Nxg7+ {11:21} Kf7 {18:06} 22.Qe1 {9:00} Rhg8 {17:50} 23.Be2 {7:16} Rxg7 {17:42} 24.Bh5+ {7:09} Ke6 {17:16} 25.e4 {6:28} dxe4 {17:02} 26.Nxe4 {6:25} Nxe4 {16:50} 27.Qxe4 {6:22} Rag8 {16:06} 28.Bf3 {5:19} b3 {15:04} 29.Rd1 {4:47} Qc5 {13:22} 30.h3 {3:50} Rg3 {13:05} 31.Bg4 {3:26} Re3 {11:27} 32.Rxe5+ {2:05} Kf7 {10:31} 33.Qxh7+ {0:56} Rg7 {9:34} 34.Rd7+ {0:37} Kf8 {9:19} 35.Rd8+ {0:17} Kf7 {8:56} 36.Bh5# {0:15} {joshjones2000 won by checkmate}


That’s it!
No I said that’s it to the first user that responded posting the game link.

Thanks for your response - I’m just trying to improve and looking for my main weaknesses

I’m rarely one to criticise, but ‘amazing game’ might have been setting the bar of expectations for what followed, a tad high.

@jamesColeman - sorry to have wasted your time... clearly amazing might look different to a 900 level player than to a 2300 level player like yourself. In any case I was looking for advice on where to improve
@ghost of pushwood yes I agree with the first part.

By the recovery I meant it felt like he had the upper hand the whole game until the end. So really it felt like most of my mistakes were in the beginning

10, take the bishop.  Tripled pawns are weak. 

14 is a mistake.  black misses taking e-pawn which looks like trouble for you, and if you move wrong you could even get mated there. 

15 castle puts Q&K into a fork, its protected, for now.  Black continues to ignore e pawn. 

After that its too random, hanging pieces and all out trade war.  35 Qxr++







I think I like 6. 0-0.


(4... exd4 5. e5 d5 6. Bb5 Ne4 = And Black is at least equal, and up a pawn)>>
Well, after 4. ... ed I think you're in a Max Lange. Lots of book moves. If I recall right from 30 years ago, White goes 5. e5 ... d5, . I used to like it for white. It's both highly tactical and positional & very difficult for black. With best play, drawing & not better for black.

It’s just a bad game by two beginning chess players. I think OP’s standard is way too low for what he considers amazing games.

I'll tell him. I'm very diplomatic, tactful and empathetic.


Hey, O.P. everyone who thinks they played a good game take one step forward.

"O.P. where do you think you're going? A funeral?"


I wonder  if  joshjones2000 is an expert in corporate and marketing strategy, branding, marketing communications, marketing technology and measurement, go-to-market programs and sales enablement.


joshjones2000 wrote:
I know I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but feel I had an amazing recovery

You won a piece on move ~10 and you were two pieces up before move 20. When was the "amazing recovery?" Before move 10?

Were you losing on move 5 and I missed it? tongue.png

Optimissed wrote:

I'll tell him. I'm very diplomatic, tactful and empathetic.

These are useful traits indeed.


    To me, the most interesting thing about this game was black's username: "Blekksprut".  I think that's the sound Billy Batts made in Goodfellas when Joe Pesci kicked 'em in the gut.

Ok folks- THREAD TITLE change “shitty game from an amateur that really enjoyed the game but wanted feedback for learning purposes”.

better ?

Thanks for the feedback though :)