Analyzing games in Fritz 13?


Recently, I've gotten my Fritz 13 chess engine back because many have told me that after playing games, analyzing with an engine is good to see what you did wrong. Well, I just have one problem with that.

I can't even figure out how to analyze a game in this engine. Can someone please help me out? Thanks.


Gotta be some you tube videos on this.  I don't know how close 12 is to 13 but I analyzed my first game in a long time this afternoon and it turned out OK.  I'm sure it's easier if you import the game into Fritz directly but I didn't want to teach myself how to do that again so I did it manually.  It's really just like playing a game except you have to turn the engine off so Fritz will let you make moves for both sides.  When the game has been entered you go to analysis mode and choose how much time you want to spend on it and which (or both) sides you want analyzed.  Give it a full analysis and it even annotates the game.  Oh,and you have to go to "engine" mode to shut it off.  Good luck with it.  I might have uttered a few curse words this afternoon while I was doing it and don't plan on doing it again soon.  Hopefully a Fritz expert will read this, take pity, and give a real step by step for you.


Or go into the database window, select game, and one of the menu items at the top will be blunder check




1. copy pgn, go to Fritz 13 and paste it to Fritz through 'paste game'.

2. Click on 'Analyse' tab and choose 'full analysis' I will suggest, using full analysis, before 'blundercheck'

3. You can set time and color to analyze.

But here is what I would suggest, when playing a match, take notes, write down what moves you were considering. Paste the game to Fritz, go to 'Engine' tab, click the 'switch engine off' box and then unclick it again.

Now Fritz will show you top four move choices. Navigate through the game, check what was fritz's top choices in the given position compare it with your move and with moves you contemplated in the given position. 

Atleast this is how I do it.


yes good points but you are not allowed to take notes during live games the only things you are allowed to write down is yours and your opponents moves and timestamping but of course you are allowed to take as many notes as you like just after the game has finished,(but in online(correspondance) games you can take as many notes as you like during the game) I personly think it is better after the game has fininshed to analyze yourself first for at least half an hour os so on your own or even better with your opponent if possible and only then get an engine to analyze for you. really the only thing engines are good for is to check missed tactics ect but they are not good for much else really, so basically it is up to ourselfs to analyze and learn what to do and only like i say use the engine to find missed tactics :-)


are not we allowed to write down notes while playing a live game here at Surprised

What harm can it do?

I agree that one  should first analyze the game himself then go for engine analysis. I was just suggesting how to use Fritz to analyze. 


Afraid not Rishi, I only found this out recently when I thought to myself 'am i allowed to take notes' so I went to cheating forums and posted the question and got definate answers that it is not allowed, I agree that if the notes are of the type 'should i have taken on Bxh2 ect' then I dont see the harm either,  but i think the point is is that we should have good enough memorys to write down the notes just after the game has finished :-)


ps its not just here your not allowed  to do it apparently it also not allowed during otb play either :-)


interesting.... I can understand that during the OTB, it can distract opponent as it will be like thinking out loud but on internet? 

Thanks for letting me know romanic. :)


The point is that the live games should be as close to OT as possible, I think. Anyway, you have strayed off topic :-) you can also click Infinite analysis and let Fritz work each move as long as you like, then you follow the thoughts move by move - and can add variations to the pgn file only where you really went wrong, which makes for a lot easier reading when you later review your own games, as you should from time to time :-)